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29 June 2020 / 10:00

Do you get inspired by winners and successful Project Managers?

We believe we all do! We all need good mentors and references in all fields. Having good networking, excellent and healthy relationships, and that you can relate to – helps you to challenge yourself and go to the next level in this process, whether online or in-person events or competitions.
Connecting people around topics like winning, awards, recognition, and those who love the Project Management field was the main goal of YPMY this year. Therefore our team facilitated and organized YPMY Coffee & Networking Moment on the 6th of June 2020. An entirely online event.

We managed to gather people from more than 25 countries: previous winners, judges, applicants, and many IPMA and Young Crew members. We were able to promote “our moments” with everyone gathered in the main room (using ZOOM App). We also enjoyed some networking, having discussions in separate rooms.

At some point, we noticed that we reached our goal. The participants came back to the main room smiling – when, for example, one person mentioned they learned something new. Sharing, learning, and connecting were values that widen our perspectives and create memories, fo us – as humans, and as Project Managers.

Our YPMY team also gathered feedback and questions from our applicants.

“This award allowed me to gain more confidence in myself and my work.”

“It shifted how our winners were perceived and heard by their managers, clients, and all around them.”

“Being honest throughout this process is one of your most significant assets, to be successful as an individual and as a professional.”

We could listen to our judges’ insightful tips and experience shared. We noticed how valuable experience it was to have the opportunity to meet each other (sometimes even after several years) and get the chance to talk. Our aim is always to take this IPMA Young Crew project to more countries. To develop it in a way that motivates others to get engaged. To show the benefits of taking part in it and its’ international recognition.

We celebrated six national awards (from Australia, Iran, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, and Switzerland), recognizing 12 Young Project Manager National winners in this different and challenging year 2020!

Our last IPMA World Congress was organized in Mexico. We did a little throwback and surprised everyone by inviting our Mexican Singer, Alfonso Maya, who made us remember how great it was to celebrate the great awards gala in Mexico last year.

We also realized how great way to connect and motivate our applicants to do their best to become Young Project Managers of the Year (2020) this is!

After all these great moments and memories, we will, for sure, make it happen more often!

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