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IPMA Training

IPMA truly believes that training should always be local, tailored to the local situation. Therefore, we invest in our network of professional local trainers, for which we have a quality instrument: IPMA registration. More about Registration you can find on this page.

Does that mean that IPMA delivers no training at all? Well, no. For the experts, we organise the expert seminars. And for those looking for the newest international insights, we offer the IPMA advanced courses. Moreover, we offer training for IPMA PEB asssessors and for Delta assessors. Contact our awards team or our delta team for more information.

IPMA Advanced Courses

Every year, IPMA launches a set of Master Classes, usually at the end of the year. These Master Classes provide the latest insights in selected topics and are delivered by IPMA’s experts in the field. These Master Classes are a great asset for senior project, programme and portfolio managers, and senior consultants. You learn from the best, with the best. For more information, you can download the brochure at the bottom of the page, or contact the organisation. We also have a webinar with more info, and if you want to directly subscribe please go here. March 07-09 2018, we will provide the course on development of your Charismatic Leadership, in Helsinki Finland. You can download the brochure at the bottom of the page or Register here.

IPMA Expert Seminars

Regularly, IPMA organises expert seminars. These seminars follow a specific format by addressing particular themes, providing clear directions for the presentations and discussions. Results are brought to the plenum each day to be discussed. Experts from various sectors of the economy and university institutes as well as different cultural backgrounds will explain the issues and trends for each topic and recommendations are developed based on various case studies, research results and theories. You learn with other international experts in the field.

The list of topics of the last seminars:

  • 2016: Future Trends in Project, Programme and Portfolio Management 2016
  • 2014:  Future Trends in Project, Programme and Portfolio Management 2014, Reinhard Wagner
  • 2012:  Future Trends in Project, Programme and Portfolio Management 2012, Jesus Martinez-Almela
  • 2011:  Future Trends in Project, Programme and Portfolio Management, Nino Grau
  • 2010:  Survival and Sustainability as Challenges for Projects, Tom Taylor
  • 2009:  Behavioural and Contextual Competences for project management success, J Rodney Turner
  • 2008: Values and ethics in project management, Miles Shepherd

You can contact IPMA, or subscribe to our newsletter, to ensure you get up-to-date information about these events.

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