IPMA International Project Management Association


IPMA REG Enables Keeping Track of Continuing Professional Development by Issuing CPD Record & Proof of Participation and Digital Badges

Collect IPMA CPDs (hours of continuing professional development) by participating in activities within IPMA REG. For each successfully completed activity you will receive:

  1. CPD Record & Proof of Participation in pdf. form

  2. Digital badges with CPD hours which you can share on your social networks


CPD Record & Proof of Participation is issued in accordance to the valid regulations within IPMA REG system and practices within IPMA SIGs, while digital badges with CPD hours are the accompanying product released exclusively with CPD Record & Proof of Participation.

You can read more about IPMA Continuing Professional Development HERE
You can find out more about the IPMA scheme for determining continuing professional development hours (CPDs) HERE
You can read more about IPMA REG System, registered courses/programmes and application process HERE

For more details, contact our Profession Development Manager Dr Rebeka D. Vlahov Golomejić: rebeka.vlahov@ipma.world or the accountable IPMA Vice President, Dr Mladen Vukomanović: mladen@ipma.world.