IPMA International Project Management Association

The Certification Process

The certification process for project management consultants is similar to the 4-L-C certification system for individuals, but is based on consulting mandates instead of projects performed. The Certification Bodies of our Member Associations (MAs) perform the competence assessments and execute the certification under IPMA process validation. The certification process involves several steps for the assessment of a candidate and is described in detail in the International Certification Regulations (ICRC). Not all MAs provide consultants certification, please visit your local MA’s website to see if it is offered.

Process Stages

The process describes the official path to certification, but may have slight adaptations in the various countries based on local market needs.

Stage 1

  • Application, Curriculum vitae, Self-assessment
  • List / short description of consultancy mandates
  • Report proposal

Stage 2

  • People to be contacted for references
  • Code of Professional Conduct
  • Project Management Exam
  • PM Consultancy Exam

Stage 3

  • Case study report
  • Competence development plan

Stage 4

  • Extended Interview and/or role-play workshop

Stage 5

  • Final evaluation and recommendation
  • Decision and issue of certificate
  • Feedback from the candidate