IPMA International Project Management Association

Become a Certified Project Management Consultant

For a project management consultant, achieving a professional certification can be a big asset to your business. Although getting a certificate is not required to launch your practice, certification has many benefits, including building your credibility and prestige. Certified professionals are regarded more trustworthy and productive – and can charge higher commissions. If you want to know all details, subscribe to our newsletter, the standard will be launched shortly.

As the basis for certification, IPMA will soon use the new ICB4CCT standard, which will be launched in 2018. Upto that moment, local certification bodies (CB) will use their own standards, which can be found by visiting your local CB. Subscribe to our newsletter if you want to be informed about the launch of the ICB4CCT and various other topics that are of interest for you.

Levels of Certification

For consultants, IPMA provides certification on two levels: project management consultant (PMC) and project portfolio management consultant (PPMC).

A certified PMC typically provides consulting on project and programme execution level, eg consulting / assisting a senior project manager or a project team. A certified PMC corresponds to IPMA Level B of the 4-L-C certification level. If you want to learn more about IPMA level B certification please go here.

A certified PPMC typically provides consulting on C-Level of organisations, improving project, programme and portfolio management, consulting, eg implementing KCI’s to constantly improve portfolio processes. A certified PPMC corresponds to IPMA Level A of the 4-L-C certification level. If you want to learn more about IPMA level A certification please go here.

Benefits of becoming a Project Management Consultant

  • Establishes credibility, since you have participated in an internationally recognised certification programme
  • Contributes to higher billing rate, because you have provided evidence of your competences
  • Opens doors to new clients, since you can use your accreditation in your communication, and it can be verified in IPMA’s registers
  • Shows International Recognition. You are assessed against an international standard, and your achievement will be recognized on IPMA International’s website