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Harry Steenwijk

Harry Steenwijk

Harry beliefs that in order to be successful as organization or project one needs to have insight in all internal and external factors which may endanger the organizational or project continuity.

In his role as Business Consultant Integral Project Management, Continuity Management and Risk Management, he looks at possible risks and opportunities with regard to continuity from various perspectives and advise on the (management) measures to be taken. His goal is to work with you on high-quality continuity by providing the organization with the right insight into the coherence between the Money, Risks, Organization, Time, Information and Quality management disciplines.

The combination of training and work experience has ensured that he has extensive technological and business knowledge and skills, which gives insight into how these disciplines can be integrated in organizations, programs or projects.

Harry is next to his professional career with Balance from The Netherlands, founder of RiskChallenger, a rather unique tool that facilitates communicative risk management.