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29 September 2022 / 4:00

An interview with the IPMC winners – Spanish team!

The Spanish team of the University Master’s Degree in Project Management from the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) achieved victory in the International Final of the IPMA Project Management Championship 2022 held in Berlin and organised by IPMA Young Crew.

The Spanish team comprised Paula Guijarro Muntaner, Vincenzo Pedro Cozza, Juan Pablo Morales González and Luis Felipe Vanegas Giron. It is the first time a Spanish team has won in the international phase in the eight editions that AEIPRO Joven has sent teams to this prestigious project management competition. We wanted to know their impressions.

How has the experience of winning in an event as important as the PM Championship been?

It has been an enriching experience both personally and professionally, it has given us a great network of contacts of excellent people who are passionate about Project Management, and it leaves us with great memories of one of the most diverse and challenging experiences we have experienced in the academic field, in short, an incredible experience.

What do you think was the key to your success as a team?

We believe that the fact of always trying to have the best energy as a team fosters an environment between us in which all ideas are received and discussed. No idea was wasted if built on it. That helped us to have the best attitude and integrate the different points of view of the four in a great result.

On the other hand, it was an excellent opportunity to put into practice what we learned during our studies for the Master in Project Management at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, which finally brought the four of us together.

What professional skills are promoted in a final of this type?

Many competitions are at stake, but teamwork stands out; under pressure, organisation, and personnel management, are greatly enhanced with the exercises developed in the competition. Also, learning to sell and present the project internationally was key to achieving the results.

How do you hope this triumph will affect your professional careers?

In addition to having met many people with experience in the world of Project Management, we believe that it will help us, to a great extent, to enhance our resumes to stand out from the different positions that are offered in the world of project management or give a boost to our development in the organisations where we currently work. Indeed all this opens opportunities for us, both professional and academic.

What do you think the IPMA certificates bring to your careers?

It is a prestigious brand. Being able to certify our performance as project managers imply being able to reach any place and have the endorsement of one of the most essential organisations in the discipline. For organisations that have to recruit people, this works as a brand that guarantees quality and professional competence. Being able to validate our skills will help us stand out in an increasingly competitive market.


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