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10 April 2019 / 9:00

Algeria and Algerian Project Management Association: a wind of change

The largest country in Africa succeeded (through peaceful and exemplary demonstrations for several weeks) to achieve a historical change in the country. Since its’ confiscated independence (as many historians name it) in 1962, the Algerian people are at crossroads to define a new roadmap of Algeria’s future.
Unlike many demonstrations, that particular can be seen in the new every day: the “walks for change” all over the country are characterized by people from all generations, who are smiling and enjoying being together in the streets – with the security forces – which are the army and the police.
Many demonstrations which take place (since several weeks, on every Friday, including the 5th of April 2019) resulted in a very important event: the President of the Algerian Republic stepped down, after having ruled the country (with 40 million inhabitants) for 20 years.
As many economists write, this ruling almost ruined this wealthy OPEC country, spoiling millions of billions of dollars through mismanagement, corruption, ending up in 2019 with 40% unemployment rate among the young population (70% are below 35 years old).
The courage of young people who did not experience the so-called “dark 1990’s” (that affected the country with terrorism during almost 10 long years) deserves deep admiration and hope for a better future.
At the same time, a wind of change is happening at the Algerian Project Management Association (APMA) which continues to shape the project management profession at many levels within Algerian society.
In this particular historical context, APMA – which was also represented at the recent IPMA Council of Delegates in Copenhagen in March 2019, organized a strategy workshop together with the IPMA. This took place at APMA headquarters on 6th of April 2019 in Algiers, aiming to redefine its’ vision and aspirations for the future.
Indeed after the general assembly of the association end of March 2019, Mr. Samir Benmohamed, former Vice-President Education and Training  was elected as new president with a new board taking over from  Mrs. Samira Babaaissa after three years. The workshop was also the occasion to thank her, Mr. Farouk Moukah (Vice-President marketing and communication) and Mr. Mohammed Benbraika (Executive Director of APMA) in the name of IPMA for the work accomplished during the past three years. The new board members are now almost all IPMA certified people, talking the same language and working together with a new approach.
The first conference dedicated to project management in Algiers took place in April 2013 (with the support of the present IPMA President Mr Jesus Martinez Almela, at that time acting as Vice-President Education and training). Exactly 6 years later, the one-day training was the occasion to review strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threads of APMA. The participants of the new board and some members of the associations elaborated also on the vision and the values also agreed on common missions.
As some participants mentioned – this fundamental work could have been done years ago. However, the lack of knowledge and experience on how to develop such a workshop was one of the reasons why this wasn’t.
The great commitment, motivation and dynamics shown by the participants were impressive.
The workshop also showed the high expectations that APMA aims towards IPMA – in terms of mentoring to achieve the next steps: definition of the associations’ mission, its’ strategic initiatives and the clarification of the strategic objectives (which will form part of the business plan). This again shows the importance of the KAMM concept (Key Account Management Member Associations) established by the Executive Board of IPMA since last year, in order to better understand MA’s needs.
The wind of change that is presently taking place in the country was clearly defined as an opportunity to “promote project management culture in society with the vision of excellence”. This new vision of APMA is one of many results of the workshop. It will help to move IPMA and the project management profession forward in this country – full of opportunities and resources. The next event will be organized by the Algerian Project Management Association in the second half of 2019, most probably in a form of an annual conference.

A wind of change in Algeria’s capital, the 05.04.2019. A wind of change in Algeria’s capital, 05.04.2019

Sharing experiences at APMA Headquarters in Algiers

Strategy workshop on 06.04.2019 in Algiers with the new elected Board of Algerian Project Management Association (APMA)

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