IPMA International Project Management Association

Member Associations (MA)

Because IPMA is a Federation of the leading Project Management associations in each nation, our Member Associations are the primary point of contact and IPMA services delivery solution for most practitioners. With over 60 member nations we serve local needs, while collaborating globally. In this section you will find the Member Associations (MA) in your country. If we have no MA in your country, perhaps you would like to start one! See more about this below.

Alternatively, you could consider joining a Member Association in an adjacent country, or in one that speaks a language that is similar to yours. Increasingly, most of IPMA’s Member Associations deliver many of our services, even Advanced Certifications, using virtual, or web-based services.

IPMA is available in most European countries, because that is where we started. And, we celebrate our presence in Australia, Asia, and the Americas, where we are seeing tremendous growth and demand.

See all our Member Associations here.

Becoming a Member Association

National associations of not-yet-affiliated countries wishing to become IPMA members can contact IPMA. Perhaps we can put you in touch with others in your country who are interested in IPMA.

IPMA accepts one Member Association per country. The IPMA by-laws, which can be received from the secretariat, set out the conditions and requirements for membership approval.