IPMA International Project Management Association

IPMA International Honours

Honorary Fellows

An Honorary Fellowship shall be conferred only on persons rendering exceptional services for IPMA or to the practice or theory of Project Management. Candidates for honorary fellowship are suggested by Member Associations, nominated by the Executive Board, and elected by the IPMA Council of Delegates, our 60+ nation governing body.

The IPMA Honorary Fellows are

  • Mr. Reinhard Wagner
  • Mr. Vaikko Välilä
  • Mr. Werner Schmehr
  • Mr. Lixiong Ou
  • Mrs. Yan Xue
  • Mr. Riccardo Albonetti
  • Mr. Martin Barnes
  • Mr. Peter Blankevoort
  • Mr. Sergey Bushuyev
  • Mr. Gilles Caupin
  • Dr. Lynn Crawford
  • Mr. Morten Fangel
  • Mr. Qian Fupei
  • Mr. Eric Gabriel
  • Mr. J.C. Geerts
  • Mr. Stacy Goff
  • Mr. Dennis Gower
  • Mr. Adesh Jain
  • Mr. Hans Knöpfel
  • Mr. Pierre Koch
  • Mr. Gerrit Koch
  • Mr. Ian Lamb
  • Mr. Steen Lichtenberg
  • Mrs. Vladimira Machovà
  • Mr. Abdul Sjaheed Makki
  • Mr. El Marashli
  • Mr. Roberto Mori
  • Mr. Erhard Motzel
  • Mr. Ed Naughton
  • Mr. Klaus Pannenbäcker
  • Mrs. Brigitte Schaden
  • Mr. Daniel Scheifele
  • Mr. Miles Shepherd
  • Mr. Tom Taylor
  • Dr. Rodney Turner
  • Mr. Vladimir Voropaev
  • Mr. Robert “Bob” Youker
  • Mr. Nuno Ponces
  • Mr. Alexandr Tovb
  • Mr. David Hudson
  • Mrs. Mary McKinlay
  • Mrs. Mary Koutintcheva
  • Mr. Mladen Radujkovic

Otto Zieglmeier Awards

The Otto Zieglmeier Award was presented in the years 2008-2016 in recognition of major contribution to the development, promotion and support of Project Excellence through the IPMA International Project Excellence Awards. Mr. Otto Zieglmeier was the founder of the IPMA International Project Excellence Award. He also introduced the Project Excellence Award on National Level in several countries.

 Amongst other positions, Mr. Otto Zieglmeier was a Vice President of IPMA.

The Otto Zieglmeier Award Winners are

  • Mr. Roberto Mori
  • Mr. Erik Mansson
  • Mrs. Mary McKinlay
  • Mr Thor Möller
  • Mrs. Constanta Bodea
  • Mr. Brian Cracknell
  • Mr. Frank Menter
  • Mrs. Mary Koutintcheva
  • Mr. Grzegorz Szałajko