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Professional Development

Learn –> Improve -> Perform ->  Succeed

Develop your competences to improve your project professional profile. Through the IPMA Continuous Professional Development (CPD), you can improve you competences in project, programme and portfolio management.

CPD is a personal commitment made by an individual to keep their professional knowledge up to date and improve their capability, with a focus on what the person learns and how they develop throughout their career.

In practice, it is the learning that you do day by day when faced with a new problem to solve, or new tools and techniques to adopt, whether this is done by working with colleagues, participating in your communities of practices (e.g. IPMA Special Interest Groups) reading up online, or attending conferences and events (e.g. IPMA Events) or specific trainings (e.g. IPMA Registered Trainings).

It is an ongoing process and continues throughout your professional career!

The IPMA CPD scheme requires Certified Project, Programme and Portfolio Professionals to undertake CPD that meets the following criteria:

  • Minimum of 35 hours annually and 175 hours in 5 years
  • Project, Programme and Portfolio related


Mladen Vukomanovi
Vice President for Profession Development

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