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4 November 2015 / 8:45

50 years of IPMA in a book – Building bridges worldwide

This year IPMA celebrated its 50th Anniversary. During the 29th IPMA World Congress at Panama we had the opportunity to commemorate this important date with delegates from all around the world – nowadays IPMA reaches out to the profession through its Member Associations in more than 60 countries.

Who could imagine this great success in 1964, when Pierre Koch (France), Dick Vullinghs (The Netherlands) and Roland Gutsch (Germany) gathered and discussed to form an INTERnational NETwork (INTERNET) for an exchange of network plannung techniques. In 1965, the same group of people decided to start an association called the International Management Systems Association (IMSA), which was in 1967 renamed to INTERNET. But as the communication technology developed, the name „INTERNET“ was used by the spreading IT-Net, and the association needed another name. In 1996, the Executive Board decided to change the name into nowadays well-known IPMA.

Through this LINK you can download the 50th Anniversary Book of IPMA. It is a celebration of fifty years of IPMA, of project management development, of a professional community. It is also a great foundation for many more years of going on journeys, travelling and searching for success.

So if you have only just heard of IPMA or you are a member of the family for many years you will find this book interesting, entertaining, informative and encouraging. You can use it as a reference book to find information from time to time about IPMA and the global range of friendly national bodies. You can use it to induct potential or new members of the family or customers for the ever-growing goods, products and services.

These messages of the book convey the spirit of IPMA, the achievements access fifty years and at the present, and confirm the strong foundations of IPMA going forward. They also suggest some celebrating. Now, you all 50th Anniversary book represents multicultural volume where you can find more about IPMA history, products and services and success stories that are the crown of our standards. Each member association of IPMA is represented with its own story, pecularities and colourful pictures. And, with each new member association IPMA is building bridges worldwide to achieve its vision promoting competence throughout society to enable a world in which all projects succed.

This book was a project, a successfully performed project, in time, budget and in a quality that exceeds the expectations of many stakeholders. Thanks to all contributors and the project manager, Sandra Misic!












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Reinhard Wagner

Author of this post

Reinhard Wagner has been active for more than 30 years in the field of project- related leadership, in such diverse sectors as Air Defense, Automotive Engineering, and Machinery, as well as various not-for-profit organizations. As a Certified Projects Director (IPMA Level A), he has proven experience in managing projects, programmes and project portfolios in complex and dynamic contexts. He is also an IPMA Certified Programme and Portfolio Management Consultant, and as such supports senior executives in developing and improving their organizational competence in managing projects. For more than 15 years, he has been actively involved in the development of project, programme and portfolio management standards, for example as Convenor of the ISO 21500 “Guidance on Project Management” and the ISO 21503 “Guidance on Programme Management”. Reinhard Wagner is Past President of IPMA and Chairman of the Council, Honorary Chairman of GPM (the German Project Management Association), as well as Managing Director of Tiba Managementberatung GmbH.