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1 May 2018 / 10:05



Written by Jesus-Martinez-Almela and Amin Saidoun 

On 28.04.2018, Algerian Project Management Association (APMA) organised in Algiers its 4thnational conference. This year the topic with the title “Project Management as a leverage to overcome economic crises” attracted over 150 attendees from the private and academic sector, including companies from France, Spain, Portugal and South Korea.
This event was supported by IPMA in the context of the Training Aid Programme and was also the occasion to start the Algerian certification body with the support of Laurens de Bever from the Swiss Association of Project Management as international certification advisor.

This event is important as the country is undergoing a major economic crisis caused partly by the sharp drop of the oil price end of 2016. The OPEC country is indeed heavily dependent on oil and gas revenues which generate most of the country’s GDP. The potential to develop the country in Algeria with better project management is enormous. Recently classified as third country of attractiveness in foreign direct investment (FDI) by Africa Investment Index after Morocco and Egypt, Algeria has attracted 12,8 Bn euro of FDI in 2016.

Project management will be critical in managing upcoming investments and the opening-up of the economy to work with international partners and teams. Project management plays an important role in Algeria’s effort to diversify its economy. Strategic sectors such as tourism, transport, agriculture and the car industry are deeply needing well-educated and certified project managers to reduce the country’s dependence on hydrocarbons exports.

Both national and international speakers were invited to the event.
After the introduction and welcome speech of APMA’s President Samira Babaaissa, the economist Professor Rachid BOUDJEMA gave a macro-economic analysis on causes and effects of the Algerian crisis, stimulating with his great and thoughtful idea a rich debate.

M. Amin SAIDOUN executive director of IPMA highlighted the impact of project management on society and gave international examples from African projects in the logistics sector which could be inspirational for the Algerian present context. Mr Yves TARIDEC : Directeur from Colas Rail et KouGC explained the complexity of project management implementation in the Algerian context for the construction of the metro/underground transport in Algiers which has a population of 5 million inhabitants. IPMA ICB4 was presented from M. Laurens DE BEVER from Swiss project management association who discovered Algeria fro the first time.

The architect Saadi Ait Chikh and the entrepreneur Farouk Moukah presented a 500 million euro project consisting in the construction of an ecologic district in the city of Tizi-Ouzou, including a hospital for children. The project could become according to first assessment a good candidate for IPMA project excellence award. IPMA President Jesus Martinez-Almela contributed remotely with a presentation on Project management and agriculture 4.0 which is a promising sector in the Algerian economy.

The conference ended with an interesting debate and exchange with the audience and was facilitated by APMA executive Director.

Mohammed Benbraika, attracting new members from the private sector to APMA.

Round table: From left to right: Laurens de Bever (IPMA-ICA), Professor Rachid Boudjema (Economist), M. Ait Chikh (Architect and PM from Achim Immobilier), Amin Saidoun (IPMA-Executive Director), Samira Babaaissa (APMA President), Mohammed Benbraika (APMA Executive Director) and Jesus Martinez-Almela (with remote access, due to last minute Visa issue).

Following the success of this event, another conference on project Management to be organised by APMA in November 2018 is already under preparation.

All speakers of the conference, with Farouk Moukah Vice President Marketing and Communication in the center (APMA), the driving force behind this successful event.

Bravo et en avant Algerian Project Management Association!

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