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16 June 2017 / 2:33

The 30th IPMA World Congress – Newsletter I

Welcome to the first newsletter for the IPMA World Congress in Astana in September 2017. Through a series of newsletters we will keep you up to date with everything that is happening leading up to the Congress with news, personalities, events, features and offers. But first of all we would like to start with a very important invitation.

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You can accept this invitation and book your tickets by visiting the Congress website

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Congress Personalities

“Managing Change – key to success for project-orientated organisations” by Reinhard Wagner

We are very pleased to announce the participation of IPMA President Reinhard Wagner at the IPMA World Congress in Astana. Reinhard will be a member of the welcoming party on the first day. He will deliver a key note speech with the above title. He also tells us he will be present throughout the conference to participate fully, to meet and network with everyone, to learn and to teach, and to have a good time. As well as being IPMA President Reinhard is also a Past President and Honorary Fellow of the German Project Management Association; and the founder and CEO of Projectivists – a Pm consultancy. To receive a flavour of his speech and get a short abstract you should follow the link: www.facebook.com


IPMA Contributions at IPMA World Congress 2017 in Astana

With the achievement and celebrations of the announcements of a 30th IPMA World Congress in Astana in September 2017 IPMA is very pleased to make the following contributions:

The Newest Latest IPMA Brochure

IPMA will be launching the new improved IPMA brochure in Astana at the IPMA’s 30th World Congress. All delegates will receive a copy within their delegate bags on registration.

Vouchers and Special Surprise Gifts

Every delegate will receive a voucher in the delegate bag which can be redeemed at the IPMA stand in the Exhibition area on correctly answering some essential questions. Naturally the gift itself will remain a complete surprise until the Congress starts. It is exciting!

The IPMA Stand

At the World Congress there will be a special IPMA stand, with local banners, and with easy access owing to its central position. The stand will be open and attended throughout the Wold Congress by combinations of IPMA staff and volunteers. They will be available to deal with all interests and enquiries from individuals and organisations on all matters related to IPMA and on project, programme and portfolio management.

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The Interview

Name: Tom Taylor
Country: UK
Organisation: Association for Project Management (UK)
Position: Past Chairman and Past President.

Q1. What are the main features for you for attending international conferences, congresses and workshops?

For me I think “international” is defined by the people who attend, how they collectively participate and how they interact with each other during the event – and all that is frequently determined by the hosts – and not within the title of the event. I have also been to some great domestic and national events around the world – with fantastic international dimensions and implications.

Q2. Do you believe that such events involving project management are particularly interesting or have special features?

Yes. People directly involved in projects, including project managers, have a focus – to get things done. I like that. It provides a buzz. However I confess PM topics, themes and presentations also intrigue me. Is this cutting edge or old hat? Is this highly sophisticated or really quite basic? Do I know this – but had forgotten it completely – and now do I see it in a new light? And round and round and onwards we go.

Q3. On a scale of 1 to 10 how excited are you about being in Astana in September this year for the IPMA World Congress?

A few months ago I was probably about 5.6. Currently I am around 6.3. Probably when I get there I could peak at 11 or 12 on occasions. So it is probably good for me not to get too excited too early.

Q4. What tips would you give to delegates attending in Astana to gain maximum benefits?

Have a good time and help others have a good time.

Q5. When do you recommend delegates should register for the World Congress?

As soon as they think it is a good idea and have permission to attend.

Q6. What will you be taking to the World Congress?

An open mind. And my phone charger – which I usually forget.

Q7. And what do you hope to be taking away?

A suitcase full of memories, knowledge and friendships. And a positive opinion about IPMA. Thank you.


IPMA Global Young Crew Workshop

Prior to the IPMA World Congress on September 2, 2017 there will be an annual meeting of young professionals in project management – «The Global Young Crew Workshop». Young Crew is a key component of IPMA’s growth and development of the leaders of tomorrow. The event aims to connect cutting-edge trainers in their fields with the next generations of project managers. It is a great opportunity to meet young people who are ready to share best practices and new methodologies in project and program management.

Click here to register

IPMA Project Excellence Award 2017

We are inviting you to participate in one of the greatest events of this year in the field of project management – The International Project Excellence Award 2017. The fourteen year history of the IPMA Project Excellence Awards is real proof of extraordinary, internationally recognised and excellent projects around the world.

Places to visit in Astana

EXPO 2017

The opening ceremony of International exhibition EXPO was held on June 10, Astana. EXPO will be held next to the World Congress until September 10, 2017. This year the theme of EXPO is “Future Energy”. Leading world experts will meet and discuss the ways to make “Green Energy” with its availabilities, sustainability and economy as the main energy development focus for future decades. Opening ceremony of EXPO 2017 can be watched by following the link


Kazakhstan Switzerland is the second name given to Burabai, Kokshetau region, which is in the Northern Kazakhstan.

Having stepped aside just a little bit and giving way to your imagination, you will see the stones «coming into life». Like a fairy eagle, that has widely spread its wings for the flight, it stretches itself in the north of the republic. Fruitful soils, numerous rivers and lakes, vast pastures, rich metal deposits, generous gifts of the woods, abundance of game-animals and fish have attracted people here from times immemorial.Lakes, rivers, and streams make the region unique. There exists some mysterious, attracting power in granite sculptures created by the Mother Nature itself. Borovoe has no material culture monuments. But the combination of magnificent mountains, blue lakes, pine woods and larch forests created unique beautiful landscapes of nature. The waves of an ancient vast sea beat the shore of the lake a long time ago. At the end of drift epoch the sea was swept away, and the landscape assumed modern mountainous shape. The sun, the wind and rains formed cavities, caves, and holes in the rocks, making them fantastically shaped and scenic.

Helpful Hints

The Venue of the 30th The IPMA World Congress is the Nazarbayev University campus, located just 3 km south of the Central Business District of Astana and 6 km northwest of International Airport Astana, just the opposite of the EXPO-city, which will have hotels, shopping malls, cafes and restaurants inside the new EXPO-city.

To attracting delegates click here


And finally

For more information on the World Congress and all the arrangements including registration please visit our website: www.ipmawc2017.com and watch the video

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