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11 July 2017 / 3:28

The 30th IPMA World Congress – Newsletter II

Welcome to the second newsletter for the IPMA World Congress in Astana in September 2017. Through a series of newsletters we will keep you up to date with everything that is happening leading up to the Congress with news, personalities, events, features and offers.

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Special Message

Special offer: The Kazakhstan Project Management Association will give a free ticket to La Scala performance at the Astana Opera on September 4 to the person who attracts highest number of participants from his country. Registration box >> 
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Congress Personalities

“Growing Paradigm of Project Management – A New Frontier of Mega Energy Projects, Program Management in the Government and Projectized Social Projects” by Hiroshi Tanaka

It is our pleasure to announce the participation of Professor Hiroshi (Hiro) Tanaka. He is originally from the global engineering and constructoin industry and founder and immediate past president of Project Management of Japan (PMAJ). He initiated JVQT/Almaty Alliance (1997) connecting the presidents of the project management associations in India, China, Russia, Japan, Ukraine and Kazakshstan. He is active in IPMA since 1981 since he made his first technical presentation in IPMA Copenhagen. Currently, he is International Professor with Project and Program Management DBA Program of SKEMA Business School (France); Honorary Professor at Kiev National University of Construction & Architecture; National Shipbuilding University; Odessa National Maritime University (Ukraine), Head Professor of Ph.D. Program of CASR3PM Graduate University of Senegal; Visiting Professor at Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Okyayama Prefectural University Graduate School and Keio University Graduate School (Japan).



The Organising Committee of the IPMA World Congress 2017 is very pleased to announce the availability of remaining exhibition stands at the Congress on 5 to 7 September 2017. The aim of the Exhibition is to provide maximum information, exchange, engagement and entertainment between the exhibitors, delegates and visitors – through display, conversation and presentations – on the latest and the well established products and services directly and indirectly related to the worlds of projects, programmes, portfolios – and their management. Download an open invitation to exhibitors (.pdf) 

IPMA Contributions at IPMA World Congress 2017 in Astana

With the achievement and celebrations of the announcements of a 30th IPMA World Congress in Astana in September 2017 IPMA is very pleased to make the following contributions:

Multi Cultural Outlooks

Obviously the official language of IPMA and for the World Congress is English. But sometimes it is better and easier to have conversations on matters of common interest in other languages. To start and make these conversation more readily IPMA representatives will be wearing badges which identify the languages in which they are able to converse. Try them. Also try them when relaxing with refreshments.

The IPMA Meeting Point

This year the IPMA stand will also be the IPMA Meeting Point for associations, groups and delegations to gather and meet for discussions or to then move on to other events or destinations.

The IPMA Executive Board (ExBo)

IPMA are very pleased to announce that it will be very well represented in Astana by members of the current ExBo – to participate in all aspects and to celebrate the milestone 30th Congress. However primarily the ExBo members wish to be busy being accessible – to individuals, groups, representatives of Member Associations – for discussions, explanations and exchanges of information and views.

ExBo members will be recognisable by their badges and smiling faces. Please feel free to approach them and arrange to meet at mutually agreeable times and locations – which might be right there and then.

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The Interview

Name: Sergey Bushuyev

Country: Ukraine

Organisation: The Ukrainian Project Management Association “UKRNET”

Position: President of the UPMA “UKRNET” and Chairman of the Programme Committee of the 30-th IPMA World Congress

What are the main features for you for attending international conferences, congresses and workshops?
It is important when World Congress has attractive format. I am excited to take a part in upcoming event because it consist interesting key speakers, reports on sections, ICB4 business game, congress exhibition, participation in Expo 2017 on future energy projects, poster presentations, etc. Also Congress has fascinating cultural program.

Do you believe that such events involving project management are particularly interesting or have special features?
Yes. I believe that the World Congress will give ideas for further development of number of countries, organizations and technologies.

What will you be taking to the World Congress?
Breakthrough Competences on Entrepreneurial Energy and Emotional Intelligence.

And what do you hope to be taking away? New knowledge and friends, best practices and confidence in the future.

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Name: Maira Khussainova

Country: Kazakhstan

Organisation: Kazakhstan Project Management Association

Position: Director

Do you believe that such events involving project management are particularly interesting or have special features?
Yes, I think that such events are especially interesting, because they provide a real chance to get the best world practices from first-hand experience.

What tips would you give to delegates attending in Astana to gain maximum benefits?
Arrive to Astana a few days earlier. Visit the International Exhibition EXPO-2017 “Future Energy”, and pay attention to the cultural component of the EXPO:
– Watch the performance of the famous Cirque du Soleil on September 1,2,3;
– Watch the performance of the famous La Scala theater in Astana Opera — Classical Opera and Ballet Theatre on September 4. Keep in mind that ticket prices are lower in comparison with other countries because Kazakhstan Government has created all conditions for citizens and guests of the capital to get maximum pleasure and vivid impressions of their visit.

What will you be taking to the World Congress?
I’ll take my iPhone with me and recommending everyone to take digital gadgets with them, because according the Program of the second day for all congress participants will be presented the PM Memo game panel. I am going with a desire to show Kazakh hospitality to all participants of the world project community.



IPMA Global Young Crew Workshop

For more information on the IPMA GYCW please visit the website: http://www.become.pm and watch the video:

Click here to register >>
Read the first newsletter >>

Places to visit in Astana

EXPO 2017

Reflekt Show. Cirque du Soleil Pavilion. Soar into a futuristic vision where ancient past, technology and modernity collide in a highenergy, acrobatic and new visual experience exclusively designed for World Expo Astana 2017.

Inspired by the history of the Kazakh nomadic culture, REFLEKT is a mysterious tale that explores the idea of renewable human energy as we journey towards a sustainable future.

Journey alongside Arman, an archeologist and hopeful dreamer as he discovers the wonders of the seven elements of life in Kazakh culture: Joy, Success, Wisdom, Well-being, Speed, Height and Growth, and Divine Protection.

Tradition is re-imagined with a future-forward twist. Cultural sounds merge with explosive electro beats. Futuristic architecture and ancient details adorn the stage. Ceremonial dance flows with contemporary choreography. Striking projection, lasers and light sculptures evoke earth elements. It’s an entirely innovative exploration and story of past and present that ultimately illuminates self-reflection: How will we use our energy and power to support a sustainable future?

REFLEKT showcases traditional circus acts mixed with never-before seen executions at Cirque du Soleil, delivering awe-inspiring acrobatic acts that always leave the spectator wanting more and with an emotionally-packed experience that will last a lifetime.

* If you want to visit the event you have to buy tickets in advance.


National cultural complex “Ethnoaul” is a unique cultural tourist and image project of EXPO 2017. Ethnoaul – is a real opportunity to make a trip back in time and feel yourself in the image of an actual Nomad, to feel the atmosphere of bygone centuries. National cultural complex will acquaint the visitors with the rich history, culture, art and traditions of Kazakh people where any guest will be able to transfer into the ethnocultural environment of Nomadic civilization and fully enjoy the everyday and festive life of the village.The festivals of Kazakh music and theatre art, workshops of masters of art and crafts, handicraft and art exhibitions, festivals of Ethnic music, equestrian events, competitions of national sports and other events will take place in Ethnoaul.


La Scala Theatre Chorus and Orchestra Conductor – Zubin Mehta Chorus Conductor – Bruno Casoni
Ludwig van Beethoven – Symphony No 9 in D Min. OP. 125

IPMA Project Excellence Award 2017

Best managed projects will be honored in Astana!

There are several teams in the process of carrying out the 2017 IPMA International Project Excellence Assessment in different part of the world. The first and second scoring of the projects done by the international assessment teams consisting of 5 assessors has taken place as well as the first Jury meeting and in the next weeks an important activity of the assessment process will take place: the Site Visit during which the Assessment Teams study project documentation and carry out interviews with the most important stakeholders of the project: client/sponsors, project manager, project team representatives, community representatives etc. Based on their findings the Jury will decide on Winners in three categories: medium, big and mega-sized projects. The announcement of the Jury decision and celebrations will take place at the IPMA Awards Gala in Astana on 6 September.

Helpful Hints

Attending a Congress can be a formidable experience. Here are a few tips to improve the chances of enjoyment, effectiveness, efficiency and value for money.

1. Check your travel arrangements including timings – for outward and return journeys, hotel bookings, passports and visas, check the weather, pack your case.

2. Be prepared and register at the Congress in good time, collect your tickets and delegate bag.

3. Take some time to study the Congress brochure. Do not jump into the detail too quickly. First try to understand the structure of the Congress, the overall timetables, the layouts of the accommodation and the general arrangements.

4. Go for a walk round to become familiar with spaces, shops, catering facilities.

5. Plan to attend all the plenary sessions. They are for everybody and are of common interest including the Opening Ceremony, the Key Note Speakers, the Panel Discussions and the Closing Ceremony.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How far is 30-th IPMA World Congress from the airport to the city of Astana?
It is about 6 km and takes about 15 minutes by taxi. This information is available on the Congress website at www.ipmawc2017.com along with much more information and registration arrangements.

2. What will the weather be like in Astana in September?
In September the average temperature maximum is 20°C with a minimum of 10°C. Sponsors


We are grateful to the support and encouragement of our sponsors and are pleased to acknowledge their contributions

And finally

For more information on the World Congress and all the arrangements including registration please visit our website: www.ipmawc2017.com and watch the video

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Read the 1-st Congress Newsletter >>

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