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11 August 2017 / 8:19


Welcome to the forth newsletter for the IPMA World Congress in Astana in September 2017. Through a series of newsletters you will be keept you up to date with everything that is happening leading up to the Congress with news, personalities, events, features and offers.

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Organizing team of the 30th IPMA World Congress tried to invite leading speakers, and ask them to address issues that will show the importance of the Congress agenda. Therefore,  the Executive Director of IPMA, Mr. Amin Saidoun addressed in his words the importance of the conference on the international scale.

Name: Amin Saidoun

Country: The Netherlands

Organisation: International Project Management Association (IPMA)

Position: IPMA Executive Director

Q1. As the Executive Director of IPMA, could you please share your expectations about the 30th World IPMA Congress, that will be held in September this year in Astana.

As the flagship of IPMA events, the IPMA World Congress is the occasion  for the  project management profession to gain visibility and recognition in  society. As the Congress takes place when EXPO 2017 is happening Astana, I would expect many new people and experts from both within and outside the project management profession to be attending the Congress. I would also expect that particularly in Kazakhstan, project management will move to a next dimension and will receive more members and people interested in Kazakhstan Project Management Association activities and by this in IPMA.

Q2. We know that you are a member of the Program Committee of the 30th IPMA World Congress. Which panel sessions, in your opinion, will lead to the hot discussion and will support the intrigue in the discussion?

The Programme of the Congress is a rich one and more and tries to cover many topics that shape the project management profession now in and the future. Hot discussions depend in addition to the topic itself also on the way speakers and the moderators introduce/address the topic.  I could imagine that topics like research methodologies in PM, diversity, agile vs. more traditional Project Management and communication in project management could raise interesting discussions.

Q3. Would you recommend your colleagues to visit Astana city? If yes, why?

Of course I would, especially if it is the first time like for me. Astana has a lot to offer in terms of cultural diversity, a city where modernity and tradition are combining. By 2007, Astana’s population had more than doubled since becoming the capital, to over 600,000 inhabitants, and it is forecast to top 1 million by 2030. Astana is a magnet for young professionals seeking to build a career. This has changed the city’s demographics, bringing more ethnic Kazakhs to a city that formerly had a Slav majority. The fast growing city is a sign of dynamism and energy that  the project management profession needs and that could be spread in other parts of the world.

Q4. Which of the actual topics do you consider the most interesting in the upcoming Congress?

For me one of the societal functions that project management has in bringing people together and work and live their lives in peace. This can be done even if people have different approaches to the way projects are managed because of different perspectives, practices and people involved in projects. Looking at the Congress Program, I am personally interested in cultural performance, business agility and PM in education and science.

Q5. What do you think about breakthrough competences? What kind of breakthrough competences would contribute for managing change?
There are several breakthrough competences that contribute to managing change. At the end It will be a healthy mixture in quantity and quality of these competences that enable people to manage change. The breakthroughs are influenced by people’s own education, personality and experience. Thanks to the networking opportunities, presentations, panel and private discussions the Congress will offer, the thoughts and approaches we have about breakthrough competences will also change to permanently adapt to our environment. I am already excited to discover all this in Astana!

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