Developing Young Crews


There is a declared interest from many Member Associations to initiate Young Crew activities. Some have provided interested individuals that are in the process of establishing there national Young Crew activities.

If your country is in the following list, that means they are currently looking for motivated people to get projects started. It is your chance to try out your entrepreneurial skills backed up by an international organization!

A list of those countries is:

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Brazil
  • Costa Rica
  • France
  • Nepal
  • Norway
  • Panama
  • Slovakia
  • Taiwan

Make your best career move and become part of IPMA Young Crew family. We support all new Young Crews through our Coaches and Mentors Programme. Ask us about it! Contact us, contact your member association and get started today!

Some of the benefits of participating in developing a new Young Crew are:

  • Entrepreneurship: You will experience developing a team and a new organization.
  • Applied international politics: Being part of an international association will engage you in situations you will have to think and act strategically
  • Exercising leadership in start-up situations.

IPMA YC Management Board Representative for Emerging Developing Young Crews:

Alena Vejsadová, Head of Membership – Czech Republic Representative
Mobile: +42 077 798 98 22
Email: alena.vejsadova (” @ “)
Skype: alenka.vejsadova

Daniel Collado-Ruiz, Head of Communication – Spanish representative
Mobile: +358 40 1515 201
Email: daniel (” @ “)
Skype: daniel.collado