Young Crew Awards

The IPMA Young Project Manager Award is awarded annually to recognize and motivate young project management professionals around the world. Introduced in 2006 at the IPMA Young Crew conference in Shanghai, China, the IPMA Young Project Manager Award recognizes rising talent in the project and program management industries by honoring young project managers for their accomplishments early in their careers. These honorees have demonstrated invaluable impact to both their profession and their companies, and are on the fast track to becoming influential project leaders on an international scale.

Who: Are you a rising talent? Are you ready to make a difference in the project management community? Then be sure to apply to our IPMA Young Project Manager Award! The award recognizes future leaders in project management area. It is open to professionals until 35 years of age.

Why: The IPMA Young Crew Project Manager Award represents a unique step to reach professional and personal success in the field of Project Management. The IPMA Young Project Manager Award is recognized every year with the aim to stimulate in each country young talented project managers in measuring themselves in an excellent context, facing the real spirit of competition with other young professionals.

The whole awarding process will be evaluated based upon the IPMA International Competence Baseline (ICB).

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