PM Championships


The PM Championship is a competition where university students of Project Management test their knowledge and skills.

The goal is to increase the visibility of competence based project management in universities, as well as prepare students for future IPMA certifications.

The vision is to organize annual Project Management World Championships in the name of IPMA Young Crew. The competition will coincide  annually with the IPMA World Congress.

It consists of two phases:

  1. A qualification phase where knowledge is tested through multiple choice questions
  2. A Final phase where the best teams compete in solving a case study, where a jury decides upon the winner.

Who: The competition is designed for polytechnic/university students with studies in project management. In order to participate, a student must be enrolled in the polytechnic/university that takes part in the championships

Why: This competition seeks to challenge and inspire students through developing their project management skills in a practical setting. This is achieved through creating a  fun and uniquely competitive, Championship,  where project and team work skills are developed and tested. ..
New Young Crew groups can organize it as one of their first events, getting in touch with companies that are looking to develop high  achieving individuals and building strong bonds with Universities and Project Management Academics.

The website:

>> Download here PM Championships Guidelines (coming soon)

IPMA YC Management Board Representative for PM Championships:

Alena Vejsadova, Head of Development – Czech Republic Representative
Mobile: +42 077 798 98 22
Email: alena.vejsadova (” @ “)
Skype: alenka.vejsadova