Global eCollaboration Competition

Let’s face it, one of the best parts of being in such a global network of young project managers is the people you get to meet! Most of those contacts happen during our flagship event, the Global Young Crew Workshop, but attending an international event always has an economic barrier for many. And the world is going digital. We have to be in the forefront of that wave in our networking, so we decided to organize an online competition: 24 hours, and teams in which each team member comes from a different country! With different timezones, 24 hours is almost as three days! Interested? You can be participating, organizing it locally or bring it to the international level!

GeCCo_logo_RGBWhy: to bring together all YCs and enhance the cooperation between them. The aim of the competition is also to spread awareness of the importance and benefits of virtual teams, especially among IPMA Young Crew.

Who: the project is addressed to all YC members, disregarding their experience or area of expertise. Participants will be chosen among the national YCs, that will register to GeCCo.

Global eCollaboration Competition 2016

New edition of GeCCo 2016 is under development. Meantime you can find more information about the competition here.

Eager to find more about GeCCo and maybe even join the competition?
Visit GeCCo website, join our facebook event page or contact us at: gecco.yc (” @ “)

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IPMA YC Management Board Representative for Global eCollaboration Competition:

Alena Vejsadová 
Mobile: +420 777 989822 
Skype: alenka.vejsadova