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Dr. Jesús Martínez Almela (Spain)
Vice President, Education & Training, Young Crew

Jesus Martinez-Almela, Professional Engineer (Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering), Certified Projects Director (IPMA-A), is the Principal of Bioagroprojects Biotech based in Spain and very active since many years in Latin America’s., Visitant, lecturer professor and researcher in the Politechnical Universities of Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona, Murcia and Valladolid  in Spain and in a few countries in North, Central and Southern America as well. He was member of the IPMA EU Task Force in Brussels, former member of E&T board, CVMB Validator, and TAP-LACC Programme Director. Foreign First Assessor and IPMA Delta Assessor.  More information is available at his personal website. Is also the 1st VP of AEIPRO and OCDP Chairman  as well (The Spanish IPMA MA and CB).

Contact details:
Jesus Martinez Almela
Skype: jmtalmela

yc_Mladen_90x120Dr. Mladen Vukomanović, Chairman of the IPMA YC Management Board

Mladen has a long trajectory in the International Project Management Association (IPMA). He has been member of the IPMA Council of Delegates (CoD) for 6 years; he took part in the development of the IPMA Organizational Competence Baseline (OCB) and currently takes part in the IPMA ICB/ICRG 4.0 programme. He is a member of the IPMA President’s Advisory Board (PAG). Locally, he was responsible for starting and developing YC Croatia.

In his every day job, Mladen works as Assistant Professor at the University of Zagreb. He teaches Project Management and Construction Management courses. Holding Ph.D. in Performance Management Systems in Project Environments, during the last ten years he published and presented on the global scene. His is particularly interested in: Performance management, Benchmarking, TQM, Strategic Management and Project Management Processes.

Remember, joining IPMA Young Crew is the best move a young Project Management Professional can make!

Contact details:
Mladen Vukomanović
Mobile: +385 98 908 608 3
eMail: mvukoman{at}grad[dot]hr
Skype: mladen.vukomanovic

yc_Niklas_90x120Niklas Bein, Head of Talent Management and Project Owner of the Global Young Crew Workshop

Are you an active volunteer in the Young Crew (nationally or internationally), and are you looking forward to the next challenge? Niklas is working on getting you on board of the next thrilling project!

The IPMA Young Crew is a vibrant network of volunteers and many projects are executed either nationally or internationally. It’s a great space to gather Project Management knowledge and practical experience while working together with inspiring people. In order to ensure that you improve constantly, Niklas is happy to support you on your career path from an interested participant to a leading project manager.

Niklas has worked in several national and international Projects. He was the first project manager of GeCCo in 2012, which strengthened the connections in the IPMA YC network. As Management Board Member and Chairman of the GPM Young Crew (Germany), he has gathered experience in leading a Young Crew. In Peru, Niklas has also supported the local Young Crew in getting established. Thus he has a broad knowledge about the diversity within the Young Crew network. He has also facilitated various workshops for Young Crews all over the world.

When Niklas is not working for Young Crew, he studies Business Administration at the University Cologne, aiming for a Master of Science with focus on Corporate Development. Additionally he studies a CEMS Master in International Management and was at the HEC Paris to gain further international exposure. Besides his studies, Niklas has worked in various fields and industries related to Project Management such as Automobile (Volkswagen) and Inhouse Consulting in Infrastructure (DB Management Consulting). As a working student at Generali Deutschland he supported the project management of IT adjustments.

Contact details:
Niklas Bein
Skype: niklasbein

yc_Daniel_90x120Dr. Daniel Collado-Ruiz, Head of communication and Project Owner of < title="Young Crew Anniversary" >YC Anniversary activities

Are you a volunteer and want to harness the benefits of our international network? Daniel is the person for you to contact.

The IPMA is made of many national associations, and hence the Young Crew is made of the Young Crews in each one of them. Daniel is the go-to person for all these people, the one who coordinates with each of the national Young Crews, and the one to bring up the synergies between these groups.

As a natural communicator, he has occupied numerous roles in the IPMA, in AEIPRO (Spanish IPMA) and in PRY (Finnish IPMA). He is passionate about fostering networking capabilities, learning more and more each day, and challenging those that say “it is impossible”.

In his day job, Daniel is Senior Coach at Nestholma, and board member at NurtUp. Holding a Ph.D in Development, Sustainability, and Ecodesign, he spent 10 years working at the Universitat Politénica de Valencia. He has worked in projects related to design for sustainability and life cycle assessment in the packaging, toy, and electronic sectors. He has published research in the areas of ecoinnovation, sustainability, creativity and distributed teamwork, and given lectures and training workshops at different universities around the world.

Contact details:
Dr. Daniel Collado-Ruiz
Mobile: +358 40 1515 201
eMail: daniel{at}collado-ruiz[dot]es
Skype: daniel.collado
Twitter: ErCollao

yc_Suvi_90x120Suvi Luukkonen, Head of Marketing and Project Owner of the Young Project Manager of the Year

Do you want to reach out efficiently to young professionals? Join Suvi in our communication team. We are on our mission to solve the mystery of reaching out to the world and getting truly connected!

Marketing (and Public Relations, PR) is the machinery that gives the IPMA Young Crew its face and voice. We, the members are the muscles. Suvi’s main goal is to make sure that our members train to become excellent communicators, and appear as excellent as they are.

Suvi has been involved in the IPMA Young Crew in one way or another since 2011. She started making marketing materials for what at first was this unfamiliar organization, and this raised her interest to get to know more about what YC was all about. Suvi became board member in Young Crew Finland in 2014. There she took part in several consolidated projects in YC Finland, and took the role of Project Manager for the national Young Project Manager of the Year award. Having performed previously in other voluntary organizations such as JCI Finland, her passion is to develop people’s performance and presentation skills through a workshop environment.

Suvi works in Momentti Oy. Her main focus is in marketing and graphic design, although over the years her experience has grown into other areas as well.

Contact details:
Suvi Luukkonen
Mobile: +358 40 827 1782
email: suvi{at}momentti[dot]fi
Skype: sluuk

yc_Janni_90x120Jannis Soulos, Head of Innovation and Project Owner of the Project Management Championships, YC Library and ‘From Young Crew to Young Crew

Do you have an idea that might change the future of the ipma young crew, or do you want to see your project executed on an international level? Convince Janni, and benefit of being part of a network of highly motivated project managers.

Living in a world that is rapidly changing, in order to grow it is crucial to challenge yourself and embrace new ideas. The widespread network of the IPMA Young Crew, with its members having the most diverse cultural, educational and professional background, is the ideal place for ideas to take shape, improve and grow into something thousands of members around the world can benefit from. Pitch Janni your idea, and your vision might become the idea that everyone will be talking about the next years.

As a member of the pma young crew board, and two years as the chairman, Janni has always been keen on getting IPMA Young Crew projects such as GeCCo going on at national level. The experience and understanding he gained through his activities on a national level, as an assessor of the pma junior award and by organizing the Global Young Crew Workshop in Hersonisos, Crete 2012 on an international level have helped him develop a sense for worthy project proposals and the project manager it takes to pull if off.

During the day, Janni works as an Interface Specialist at Becton and Dickinson wich involves a lot of creativity and an understanding of the customer as well as the market.

Contact details:
Email: ipma{at}soulos[dot]at
Skype: jsoulos

yc_Alenka_90x120Alena Vejsadová, Head of Membership and Project Owner of Global eCollaboration Competition

Do you want to know more information about membership or if you have any ideas how to improve processes within Young Crew? Then go ahead and contact Alena.

Number of Young Crews is continuously growing, and this creates a need to manage and improve processes for national Young Crews. Alena is responsible for improving the processes connected with Developing and Established Young Crews. She also tracks the development of Young Crew countries via our own internal maturity model.

Alena is part of the IPMA Family since 2009. Since then she has been involved in activities of Young Crew in Czech Republic. She participated her first international event in Istanbul. Together with Niklas, she cooperated in making the first edition of the Global eCollaboration Competition a reality in 2012. She likes to define new ways of working, and to challenge and improve internal process.

Apart from her IPMA activities, Alena works as a consultant in Easy Software, where she helps her clients set up their processes, to improve the way they run projects, and to implement software for project management.

Contact details:
Alena Vejsadová
Mobile: +420 777 989822
Skype: alenka.vejsadova

Learn more about the current Young Crew Management Board in the official press release of its selection.

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