Meet the new YC Newsletter Chief Editor

Martina SacerWe are proud to announce, that Martina Sacer from Croatia is becoming the new Chief Editor of our newsletter, taking over the responsibilities of the current Chief Editor, Domna Sidiropoulou. Thank you Domna for the great job you’ve done on and congratulations for the new Chief Editor!

Read further to learn more about Martina!

Martina graduated from the College of Business and Management Baltazar and holds a Master’s degree in Project Management. She has been an active member of Young Crew Croatia (YCC) since its inception in 2011. and ever since she worked on various projects. Martina singled out the organisation of the 27th Global Young Crew Workshop in Dubrovnik as the opportunity to be more involved in activities within the international community of Young Crews.

Martina thrives to excel in Project Management by participating in various lectures and workshops. Furthermore, she mentors younger YCC colleagues to actively participate and contribute to projects. She finds newly appointed role as an editor in chief as challenging; however Martina is a firm believer that challenges keeps us moving forward and drives us to enhance both our future personal and career development. It is obvious that the Young Crew newsletter is a reflection of its forcefulness, creativity and playfulness with which every reader awakens its will for Project Management and provides an incentive for their own development.