Many Cultures, One Team: Build Your Cultural Repertoire

Ever Ask Yourself “Why is this decision taking so long?” or “Why don’t they just…?”

 The newly published Many Cultures, One Team: Build Your Cultural Repertoire by Catherine Mercer Bing focuses on the cultural drivers of misunderstood behaviors, behaviors that provoke people to ask, “Why is this decision taking so long?” and “Why don’t they just…?” 

Cover_Book_CultureMany Cultures, One Team includes many scenarios that illustrate what drives behavior (cultural values) and offers key strategic advice.

Many Cultures, One Team is based on Bing’s extensive experience helping teams achieve their full potential. In her work, Bing draws on ITAP’s unique assessment tools: The Culture in the Workplace Questionnaire™ (based on Geert Hofstede’s research on culture), and the Team Process Questionnaire™.

Bing says, “This book describes the journey that team leaders and consultants take when they support high performance global project teams. It is essential for anyone who leads, is a member of, consults with, or supports global teams. The content addresses organizational practices as well as team member cultural values and how these impact (negatively or positively) the success of the team and team outcomes.”

“We traditionally publish technical books,” says Steve Hoberman, President of Technics Publications. “But we also recognize that primarily because of technology, project teams are becoming increasingly composed of individuals from multiple countries, and companies are increasingly depending on companies from other countries as suppliers, partners, and customers. Therefore, there is a very strong need for this book, which raises awareness of cultural differences and challenges the reader to see the world through different eyes.”

Many Cultures, One Team is available through all booksellers including Amazon in both print and electronic formats such as Kindle. It is also available through the publisher’s website.

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