IPMA Global Young Crew Workshop 2015 – Discovering multiculturality in Panama

The IPMA Young Crew community met this year for the first time on the American continent for the IPMA Global Young Crew Workshop and the celebration of its 10th anniversary. The diverse program of this year focused on the multiculturality and the diversity that benefits global projects and especially the collaboration in the IPMA Young Crew.

The three day event was hosted from September 27-29th in the City of Knowledge, not far away from the famous Miraflores Locks of the world known Panama Canal. The participants started with a refreshing opening by Diwi Valiente (Project Manager) and Niklas Bein (Project Owner). The 56 participants from 22 countries enjoyed the presentations of this years Young Project Manager Awards Ben Burrows and Amila Aluthwala and got a glimpse on their outstanding achievements.

During the afternoon, the IPMA Management Board invited all full member Young Crews to join the first IPMA Young Crew Assembly. In this gathering the draft for the Young Crew regulations were finalized and an international initiative to launch a global talent management was formalized. During the next year, Young Crew Germany, Finland and Croatia will support this project during its pilot. All newcomers to the IPMA Young Crew and members of transitional Young Crews were coached by Jannis and Suvi from the IPMA Management Board how to start and boost their activities. After a refreshing coffee break, the participants could choose to either learn more about self-coaching with Materno Wong or the use of Mandalas in order to solve complex project conflicts with Cristian Soliman. Both workshops offered a possibility to reflect upon one’s working styles and to gain new insights into problem solving and how to handle one’s life as a project. The intense day was closed by a typical Panamanian Chiva ride. A flashing bus picked the Young Crew up and allowed an unforgettable Sight Seeing Tour.GYCW2015_Group

The program on Saturday continued as challenging as it ended on Friday. In the workshop of Vladimir Polkonikov, the participants had to build the brand new racing track in Sotchi and dealt not only material constraints. In parallel, Diego Arimany shared his knowledge on Social Entrepreneurship and Gualberto Magallanes provided interesting approaches, how to maximize your career possibilities within project management. The day was closed with final remarks to the field trip on Sunday.

After already two intense days, all alarms rang early in the morning on Sunday. At 8 am the buses left with slightly tired but excited Young Crew’ers. The two hour ride brought the participants into the Chagres valley where they either went trekking through the rainforest or river rafting. The impressive nature and the encounter of the native community in the Embera Village left great memories for all who joint.

YPMY_winner_smallAt night, the IPMA Young Crew Gala was celebrated with the announcement of the Young Project Manager of the Year Award winner.  As always, there was a tought competition in YPMY and all three finalists were top of the class. The Gold Winner award was presented with IPMA President Reinhard Wagner and Vice President, Education & Training, Young Crew, Dr. Jesús Martínez Almela to Amila Aluthwala, Project Manager from Sri Lanka. Silver place went to Riccardo Fabbri from Italy and Bronze to Ben Burrows from Australia. We give thanks for the YPMY Project Manager, Bikash Dhar, organizing the competition and for every participants that were ready to put their skills to the test. And also the big thanks goes to the Award Jury and finalist for the good work!

After the YPMY was handed over, the celebration of the 10th Anniversary of IPMA Young Crew started, with a great birthday cake! A unique experience was also the luna eclipse accompanying the event.

In summary, this years Global Young Crew Workshop was a proper celebration of 10 years of Young Crew and if you missed out on this, make sure you will be there next year in Porto. Once again, we congratulate Young Crew Portugal for their won application and are looking forward to their program!

Niklas Bein
Head of Talent Management and Project Owner of the Global Young Crew Workshop


Suvi Luukkonen
Head of Marketing and Project Owner of the Young Project Manager of the Year