Calling out all coaches! Young Crew needs you!

Hi there Young Crewers of the world! Have you ever thought of helping Young Crews from other countries? Have you always wanted to be a coach? Do you have a knack for helping others and would you like to make something out of that skill? Do you want to make history in the IPMA Young Crew?

Then we’ve got good news for you! We’re opening a call for new coaches, and you could be one of them! You’ll get the chance of supporting other Young Crew countries.

CandM Call

I’m sure you’re thinking… what does one need in order to become such a coach? The criteria we will use to assess the candidates are the following:

  • Management experience in Young Crew: how experienced you are in your national board, in the international board, etc. Of course, if you’re going to be dealing with very widespread topics of your coachees, you need to know what you’re hearing and talking about!
  • Overview of more than one Young Crew: the IPMA has a lot of cultural diversity, and also variety in the ways in which nations work. Hence, before jumping into this challenge, it is important that you have been exposed to different ways of doing things, so that you have a more open view of how it works. This implies that you know projects and best practices from more than one country.
  • General coaching skills: knowing a lot doesn’t make you a coach, there’s a set of skills that you must master before! You need to know what and how to ask, how to communicate, and sometimes when to let people fall to grow.

If you don’t meet all the criteria above, you shouldn’t feel intimidated. We look forward to your application all the same. If you make it to the team, we will train and coach you to become good at all those. And if you don’t make it this time, we’ll point you in the right directions, so that next time we’re sure to have you!

Some common questions:

  • What’s in for me? Apart from the fame and the glory, you will be supported in becoming a better coach, get one of the best international experience and network, and gather political experience and visibility in the IPMA networks. And on top of that, it’s one of the most rewarding experiences! You’ll help to make IPMA Young Crew history.
  • What is expected from me? You will be in charge of keeping in contact and coaching between 3 and 5 countries, and then share experiences with other coaches and mentors. You might also be asked to collaborate in developing common materials, but this is optional. We estimate a total contribution of between 5 and 10 hours per month.

Are you in? Then don’t hesitate any more, and fill this form:

Apply now!

You only have time until April 15th!

Looking forward to your application, best,

Daniel Collado-Ruiz

Head of Communication