Winners of the PMC International Final 2016 – LITHUANIA

In the 2015/2016 academic year 617 students from 7 countries – Spain, Finland, Serbia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany and Croatia – competed in the Project Management Championship.

The International Final of Project Management Championship final took place in Riga, Latvia on the 17th March, 2016, and gathered the best student teams from all participating countries. The assessment tool was a project simulation provided by PM Catalyst, and teams needed to adapt their knowledge to a changing environment, use critical thinking and manage the “big picture” of a project.


The winners – Team from Lithuania (Ignas Bakanauskas, Arnas Petravičius, Emonas Šabonas)– were announced in the awards ceremony the next day.

Dr. Igor Osipov, Sr. Research Fellow at FEFU School of Economics & Management and Chair of Advisory Board, PM Catalyst shares his opinion:

It’s been a very dynamic and honest competition. All teams have had their strong and weak points and after 3 simulated years of managing a mega project, the difference between the top teams was somewhat marginal, in a big picture scale. Still, we had a clear winner and the Jury voting was unanimous – Lithuanian team was at the top. We all think that their commitment to stakeholder engagement, thorough decision-making, project management and ability to absorb and adapt to the changes has helped them win the Champioship case. All teams have done brilliant job and were already national champions.

Arnas Petravičius, one of the team members of Team Lithuania, says:

PMCs are an amazing start for anyone who relates themselves with project management. You get a chance to learn in an interesting way and compete, which motivates you to move forward.  Also – you meet amazing people – present and future project managers – who have a similar mindset as yours  so that one day will be the ones making  great things happen.

The Project Management Championship is a three stage competition consisting of a Qualification round, the National finals and the International final. The International final is hosted each year by a different country.


PM Championships is targeted at full time students at higher education studying project related courses. Its core objectives are to enhance student involvement in the field of project management, to rise the interest in professional project management at a national and international level, as well as to advance the dialogue, the knowledge sharing and know-how between research and the business world.

The Project Management Championship is organized by International Project Management Association (IPMA) Young Crew. The Project Management Championships were organized with the support of PM Catalyst.

The PMC is kindly supported by STS – the project management training company.