From Project Management to Business Objectives

nw-webinar-luka-banner14 November 2014 – Milan, Italy; Breaking News:  Webinar, Thursday November 27th, 2014: ‘’From Project Management to Business Objectives. How to align the project goals to the business strategy.” Many organizations do apply structured Project Management processes, sometimes with a lack of results, or a huge gap, compared to the business objectives.

Organizations that are able to support and develop their growth successfully, act on two dimensions: I.e. they define their best practices of project management processes; and at the same time they link these practices to the business strategy.

This will be the main theme of the next JMAC (Japan Management Association Consultants) – EU  webinar. The event – free of charge and limited to the first 100 subscribers, is scheduled for Thursday November 27th, 2014 from 6:30pm to 7:30pm CET.

This initiative responds to the need of companies that suffer a gap between the results of the projects and company business objectives. Participants attending the webinar will learn how applying a strategic/planning management system for projects, portfolio and resources facilitates the effective delivery of improved business and organizational results.

nw-webinar-luka-imgFurthermore, a strong emphasis will be given also to the competences necessary to fulfill the above, especially focusing on the Organizational Competence Baseline by IPMA® (International Project Management Association).

The panel and the discussion will include comments by Mr Alessandro Savioli – Innovation Division Manager at JMAC Europe and Senior Consultant, Luca Cavone– Consultant at JMAC Europe and expert of Project and Portfolio Management methodologies and Mr. Giuseppe Pugliese – Director of Certification for IPMA® Italy.

The webinar will be provided through the GoToWebinar platform. To register, please see here.

For further information please contact: [email protected]