ICB4 Update: Moving Standards Forward

IPMA Has a Winner in ICB4 Competence Survey

© Wavebreak Media; Thinkstock photos
© Wavebreak Media; Thinkstock photos
IPMA has complete a global survey, designed to collect information from project, program, and portfolio managers about your use of project standards.We sought respondents from all over the World, so we have a representative global sample. This survey’s results will help drive the content for the upcoming IPMA Competence Baseline version 4.0. Update: As announced, we held the drawing after receiving the first 500 responses. We held the drawing at the March 29-20 IPMA Council of Delegates meeting, and the iPad Mini winner is a respondent from Egypt. Thank you to all respondents!

Survey Summary Results Now Available!

While the ICB4 Project team scours the survey responses and insights, IPMA Member Associations will also receive the detailed results. A summary of the results is available to the public and to respondents, at the IPMA website. And, we will begin a dialogue about the implications of the survey findings at the IPMA LinkedIn Group. That dialogue begins with this announcement of the availability of the results (a LinkedIn and IPMA group login is required to see these discussions). It is easy to join LinkedIn and the IPMA group.

Get Your Summary Results

To get your summary results from the survey, click this link. Record your email address and nation. You will receive a link to download the ICB4 2014 Survey Summary Results. Then, join the dialogue! Contact [email protected] if you have questions, or for more information. Thank you!