Standards are essential in an increasing complex world. They should enable collaboration within and across organisations in order to improve effectiveness and efficiency in project related activities. Globalization forces a lot of organisations to do projects in an multi-national and cross-cultural context. Thus, standards should give guidance for people involved in such activities.

As the World’s first project management association IPMA and its Member Associations are involved in standardisation activities since the late 1960s. One of the core standards of IPMA is the IPMA Competence Baseline (ICB), now available in Version 4.0. Various stakeholders, managers and team members of projects, programmes and portfolios are using the ICB for their professional activities. It is also a guide for consultants, trainers, lecturers and researchers for collecting, retrieving, mining and extending project management knowledge.

More IPMA standards are available. For example, the IPMA Competence Baseline for Consultants (ICBC) which builds upon ICB, adding 14 competence elements for PM Consultants [see more about PM Consultants’ Additional Competence Elements]. It is used for qualifying and certifying PM Consultants. The IPMA Project Excellence Model is a standard being used for the prestigious IPMA Project Excellence Award. It is a benchmarking tool which helps project teams to reflect on their own strengths and potential improvement areas. The model is an adaptable and open concept for usage in various fields of application.

IPMA continuously develops standards building on best practices to be the reference for worldwide, cross-cultural competent and performing Project, Programme and Portfolio Management (PPPM).

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IPMA VP Standards, 2013-14