Webinars and Podcasts

The purpose of this section is to share Webinars, Webcasts and Podcasts from IPMA Member Associations. Note that most of the links below send you to Member Association websites. Please send us links to your favorite Webinars and Podcasts, and we will review them for posting on this page!

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ProdMan Part 1: The Study of Roles of Product Team Performance, 2012. In what may be IPMA’s first worldwide, public webinar, Product Management consultant Greg Geracie present the findings of an intriguing study.

Sponsored by IPMA and other interested parties, the study looks at the key roles surrounding Product Development Teams, and a handful of factors in their success. In addition to this webinar, a Whitepaper is available, with more information about the findings. 03/2012.

ProdMan Part 2: Closing the Gap Between PM, PdM Roles. In this follow-up webinar, Greg Geracie and Lee Lambert discuss the ways Project and Product Managers work together to increase project, product and organization success. 05/2012.

ProdMan Part 3: Five Factors Behind Successful Product Development Projects. In this final session in our webinar series, Greg Geracie and Steve Stark explore the five key factors in successful product development projects. 06/2012.

Everything I Know About Project Time Management, I Learned in Sports Car Racing! Recorded for Iran’s 6th Congress, 1/2011; also see the original article. Stacy Goff, asapm President, IPMA VP of Marketing.

Project Office Woman and Broccoliman Team Up to Fight PM Incompetence, and Improve PM Performance! In Episode 1, we receive a project progress report on a secret IPMA project.

Project Office Woman and Broccoliman Team Up once again! In Episode 2, they explore PM certifications.