Member Association Newsletters

We invite all IPMA Member Associations to post links to your periodic magazine or newsletters on this page. And, we encourage links to your publications in your national language. This way can truly show the global impact of IPMA.

Note that we are not seeking each individual newsletter, but a link to a page that shows your current issue, plus, past issues, if you desire. We are also interested in your Blog series, if you have an active one. You can use the first entry below as an example.

As the list grows, we will organize the entries alphabetically, by region. Please send your newsletter page link to [email protected] Thank you!

IPMA-USA blog and IPMA-USA Newsletter
IPMA-USA is the United States’ member association of IPMA

GPM Blog and GPM Newsletter
GPM is Deutsche Gesellschaft für Projektmanagement E.V., IPMA-Germany