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Our sixth article below is a paper presented as the keynote address at the AMIP, IPMA-Mexico, 2nd International de la Associacion Mexicano de Ingeniera de Proyectos Symposio. The event was 28-29 November 2011 in Saltillo Mexico, and was a great event, with excellent organization, huge attendance, and wonderful presentations by all speakers. The article is posted in Spanish and English.

As demonstrated below, we wish to show both English and National language versions of articles, where possible. To suggest an article, email [email protected] Or, if you find a broken link (these articles often come from frequently-updated Member Association sites), please let us know. Thank you!

What Is a PM Methodology? A Search for Efficiency, Consistency, and Performance, by Stacy Goff, USA. This update of our popular 2007 article is prompted by the recurrence of a problem already solved— perpetuated by a few who seem not to understand the nature and purpose of PM methodologies. Don’t make this mistake! identify the distinguishing features of a true PM Methodology. 2007; 2013

The Project Management Office (PMO): The Missing Secret Sauce, by Ahmad Iqbal, President: BPM Advisors, LLC, USA. Larger organizations often establish a Project Management Office, or PMO, to provide governance, artifacts, best practices, and methodologies. But many either fold or fail to live up to their expectations within the first year of existence. What is the Missing Secret Sauce? 2013

Comparing PM Certifications, by Stacy Goff, USA. Which project and programme management certifications are best for you? Learn how the Certification Effectiveness Cube helps you make better-informed decisions. This analysis is based on a range of published studies and reports. We publish the analysis to help balance misinformed, misleading and false impressions seen elsewhere on the web. 2013

Clear Means and Motives; Øystein Ullnæss and Knut Adolphson, from Norway, offer us their article on Value Models. It was featured in the June, 2012 issue of Prosjektledelse, a publication of NFP, IPMA-Norway. See how Value Models impact executive decision-making, strategic alignment of projects, and organizational success. Thank you, Øystein! 2013

IPMA Level A® Expert to Ensure Ireland’s Dept. of Finance Mortgage Plan Not Derailed. A career defined by constant change has brought Derek Tierney to the elite status of IPMA Level-A Certified Projects Director. His accreditation through the Institute of Project Management (IPM–IPMA-Ireland) as one of only six level-As in Ireland, underpinned by his career experience to-date has assisted in securing his current role in the Department of Finance. 2012

Project Management Success and Decision-Making Under Difficult Contexts (English).
El éxito en la Dirección de Proyectos y la toma de decisiones en Contextos Difíciles (Spanish).
This is the basis for Stacy Goff’s keynote address at IPMA-Mexico’s 11/2011 Symposium. Thanks to Jesús Martínez-Almela for the translation into Spanish! Jesus is the Programme Manager of the Latin American and Carribean Countries Training Assistance Programme. 2011

Closing the Gap Between PM Training and PM Performance. Enterprises and Government agencies have spent hundreds of millions of $USD over the last 20 years in Project Management training—just in the USA. What do we have to show from this “investment”? This article explores what Project Managers and Managers must do to achieve needed benefits from training. 2009

Project Levers and Gauges. Written in 2005, and since then, published in six languages around the world, this article exposes the secrets of the top 10% of project and programme managers. Those secrets include managing projects’ leading indicators (the levers), while monitoring the lagging indicators (the gauges); the outcome: Greater success with less effort. 2005

The Value of Project Manager Certification. Written by asapm Co-Founder and Past President Dr. Lewis Ireland, this article asserts the value of project management certification by considering who benefits from it, who provides it, and the standard upon which it is based. Lew wrote this article just as asapm applied to become a Member Association of IPMA. 2003

The Viking Approach to Project Management. Written in 1987 by Morten Fangel, Director of the Danish Project Management Association (note the English link at the top of the Member Association page) this article does an excellent job of capturing a key IPMA value: Cultural appreciation. We especially appreciate this insightful article, and wish we had read it sooner.