IPMA Publications

To spread and share information about project, programme and portfolio management (PPPM), IPMA provides a number of publications, brochures and in-depth information. Many of the items in this section can be downloaded free of charge. Please select a publication type from the left panel navigator. And, don’t miss the offer at the bottom of this page!

In this section you find a range of IPMA and related publications, including:

  • ICB, the IPMA Competence Baseline, is the foundation for PM learning and development, and for advanced certifications. IPMA ICB is an IPMA Standard.
  • The IPMA OCB, Organisational Competence Baseline, offers insights for all people interested in understanding how to improve the way projects, programmes and portfolios are managed in an organisation. IPMA OCB is an IPMA Standard, and foundation of IPMA Delta.

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