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Moving You Forward

The purpose of this Resources section of the IPMA website is to explore the additional resources that are available to our website visitors and IPMA members. The topics are of interest to PM practitioners, researchers, educators, executives and managers, government officials, consultants, and trainers.

This section includes information about Events, News, PM-related Standards, Blogs and Commentary, a selection of Media, and information of interest to the Press. Note that all our IPMA Member Associations also offer many additional resources, beyond those we offer here.

Highlighting Key Resource Areas

Standards reflects current activities in guiding IPMA’s standards, both internally and Globally. It is part of this Resources group, because Standards are an underpinning foundation of our practices, rather than a publicly-available set of services, such as shown on other parts of our IPMA website. Standards are the foundation of almost everything we do, so we showcase our efforts here.

Events promotes current and pending events that are of interest to Project, Programme and Portfolio Managers and Projects Directors, to IPMA Member Associations and our members, and our Strategic Affiliations. In addition, there is a area for other PM-related events. Selected Events also appear on the front page of our website, in addition to appearing in the Events area.

News offers relevant IPMA, Member Association, and PM-related news. We welcome Press Releases, achievements, success stories, and other information of interest; we do focus upon news that is of greatest interest to IPMA members. Special News items show on the front page of our website, and appear in the News area.

Blogs and Commentary provides current, shorter-length commentary from members of IPMA’s Boards, and from leaders and members of our federation of Member Associations. This is your opportunity to explore the thinking and actions of our profession’s Thought Leaders, and to share your own comments about their commentary.

IPMA Publications: IPMA provides a number of publications, newsletters, magazines, brochures and in-depth information. A highlight of this section is the availability of our standards, including ICB, the IPMA Competence Baseline, and OCB, the Organisational Competence Baseline. OCB is the foundation for IPMA Delta, our unique Maturity Model.

Media includes Articles and Papers from Member Associations, IPMA leaders, and other skilled writers serving our profession. We celebrate the cultural diversity of the IPMA Family, with, where appropriate, articles in English and the native language. Media is rich with other resources as well, including books from favoured publishers, webinars, and publications.