RMB Workshops

Modeled after the »Thought Leader Program« in Australia, RMB conducts workshops and assists local event planners to bring expert talent to localities around the world. Following the logic that once an expert travels to a particular geography it is most expeditious to create a tour within that country to more remote areas to offer local workshops.

The post-World Congress in Brisbane Australia resulted in a month-long tour of Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, and Tasmania. Custom and on-demand content. Scheduling regional events with local groups, universities and other PM constituencies. Audiences: Member Associations who host major IPMA events, including World Congresses, Councils of Delegates, Festivals of Knowledge Benefits: Custom, on-demand, and cost effective dissemination of research knowledge and tools. Exposure to experts. Local people meeting local people.

Core Communication Competencies Workshop in Adelaide Australia October 2011


  • Test existing ideas
  • Networking
  • Development of Research teams
  • Support collaborative research projects
  • Generation of new knowledge and ideas
  • Exchange ideas
  • Dissemination of PM knowledge
  • Foresight Studies searching for future trends

Current Initiatives

  • Foresight Studies searching for future trends and shape of project management in 2025 with international research collaborative partners. Plans will be announced after the March Council of Delegates Meeting in 2012.
  • Collaboration with the International Cost Engineering Council (ICEC) to develop jointly identified areas of cooperation, identified during the IPMA & ICEC Research Workshop in Portoroz (Slovenia) in May 2011.
  • Member Association Research Workshop to be held in Valencia (March 2012). Aim is to identify immediate research needs of IPMA Boards and Member. The workshop is aimed at practitioners as well as research specialists. Contact RMB via [email protected]

Recent Initiatives

  • Social and business networking workshops in Australia in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, and Tasmania, October/November 2011, following IPMA World Congress.
  • Career Building workshop for students in the Faculty of Logistics, University of Maribor, Celje Slovenia, 25 November 2011, promoting use of social networking tools for career development.
  • IPMA & ICEC workshop Portoroz, Slovenia. May 2011 was collaborative research event organized by IPMA, ICEC, ZPM (Project Management Association of Slovenia) and Project and Technology Management Institute, FL, University of Maribor. The main topic was foresight and future of project management profession and opportunities of collaboration between existing international professional associations on the field of R&D, qualification, certification and other systems development.