RMB Publications

RMB Newsletter ended our sixth year in 2012. We have been bringing out news and research updates for our members and valued readers through this quarterly newsletter for the last five years. We have covered some of the award winning research contributions on a selective basis.

As you all know, the primary objective of the RMB newsletter is to update you with what we are doing to add to the existing body of knowledge in IPMA. Towards that end we have received your support and cooperation in abundance which we would like to gratefully acknowledge.

The Research Management Board (RMB) Newsletter is your way to stay current with the activities of IPMA Research. Here are the latest RMB Research Newsletters:

RMB Special Commemorative Issue, 2013

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Additional Publications

  • IPMA Research Perspectives.  Archives of research collected from RMB research awards, Congress presentations, and other local workshops and conferences.
  • A book,  “Project Management and New Business Models” is currently being peer reviewed and will be on the market in first quarter of 2012.  Publication covers:  1) Human Resource Management (people); 2) New Organization Structures and Design (organizations); 3) Business Models (business); and 4) Business Cases.
  • International Journal of Project Management.  A formal academic journal reflecting world class research into project, programme and portfolio management.  Listed on the Thompson/ISI Index, this world class journal is widely available at Universities round the world and provides access to cutting edge thinking on matters of interest to practitioners, students and academics alike. See more about the Journal in our Resources > Publications section.