IPMA LinkedIn Group

The LinkedIn Group of approximately 300 million users represents the largest and arguably the most effective platform for professionals to create, to develop, and  to share their wide range of mutual interests.

The purpose of the IPMA LinkedIn Group is to capture viable professional and business practices, to develop, to experiment, to share effective tools that improve collaboration among members. The IPMA LinkedIn group currently serves 14,826+ members, plus “associations” with the other 300 million professions in the Linkedin community.  The goal of the group is to build networks of individuals and organizations electing to use modern information and telecommunication technologies to develop and maintain their relationships — including a wide range of compatible platforms such as Linkedin, Google, Facebook, Twitter, youTube, Skype, etc., etc.)  Benefit:  Cutting the fragmentation and sloppiness generally associated with »social networking« — moving forward professionally with particular emphasis on Project Managment.

Home Page of the IPMA LinkedIn Group


Current Initiatives on IPMA LinkedIn

Members of IPMA Member Associations are welcomed and encouraged to participate in these initiatives.

  • Migration of IPMA Family from Ning to LinkedIn.
  • Assist members with all regular social networking tasks:  Online registrations, profiles, discussions, photos, documents, webinars, blogs, links, welcomes to newcomers, assistance with groups, etc.
  • Ongoing mapping and cross referencing of frequently-used networks where IPMA members interact (e.g., Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Google, youTube, etc., etc.)
  • Assisting members to create productivity tools, such as personal, group, and project portfolios.
  • Publicity of IPMA activities with options for feedback.
  • Seedings of new tools and practices.