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IPMA helps its Member Associations to succeed and RMB provides a link between the research community and the Member Associations. RMB achieves this overall objective by supporting the development of products and services that enhance performance throughout the global project management community. Furthermore by participating in a variety of research oriented initiatives and events. We recognise research excellence through a programme of Research Awards and encourage researchers by providing prizes for research papers  of the IPMA Family.

IPMA Research Award – Apply now!

The 5th IPMA Research Conference – Welcome!

 The 5th IPMA Research Conference will take place on the November 2nd-3rd 2017 in Incheon, South Korea. The theme of the 2017 IPMA Research Conference is “Projects, Management and Success – do we need a wider understanding?” Project management has continuously developed in the last decades like no other management discipline. But although the requirements towards project managers further developed, the definition of success in projects and in project management has remained stable during this time.
The 5th IPMA Research Conference is an opportunity to examine if our understanding of successful projects and their management needs to be worked over. 
The scope of the 5th IPMA Research Conference 2017 is therefore to explore if the current definition of project and project management success sufficiently reflects the needs of future generations.
This call for short papers is meant to encourage a broad range of submissions.
The authors are encouraged to reach beyond the usual boundaries of the project domain, and to embrace innovative approaches to defining and developing our understanding of projects and their management.
– Sustainability and success
– Ethics and success
– Culture and success
– Value/contribution to society and success
– Others
Submission guidelines:
Authors are invited to submit proposals for short presentations of their work in progress, new ideas or recent results. We encourage submissions from all areas related to project management.  
  • Short papers should be of no more than 500 words.  
  •  Please submit a pdf of your short paper by April 30, 2017 to: [email protected]
  •  Notification of the outcome of the review process will be on May 12, 2017.
  •  Authors of accepted short papers will be expected to provide a full paper by June 30, 2017 and to present their ideas in a presentation at the Research Conference.


The 4th IPMA Research Conference – Welcome!

ipma-conference-logo-1We have formally launched a website for the 4th IPMA Research Conference. The conference will be held in Reykjavik, Iceland on September 15th and 16th 2016 and its subjective will be Project management and sustainability. The venue will be Nautholl restaurant, the next building to the modern Reykjavik University. Nautholl close to the ocean and next to it is probably the only beach in Iceland where you may find people bathing in the sea. The sea around Iceland is cold and most people don’t like to swim in the ocean, even if some people find this refreshing and inspiring and do it regularly as a part of their lifestyle. But the situation in Nautholsvik is special because warm water from the geothermal district heating system is pumped to the ocean there. As a consequence, the water can be quite comfortable close to the shore and on warm and sunny summer days, the people of Reykjavik come to Nautholsvik for a good time!

The website on the 4th IPMA Research Conference will be published soon after the final updating.

New RMB Initiatives

Reinhard Wagner

IPMA Summit of PMO SIG Leaders, London 2014 – Joint Meeting PMI AMAG and IPMA RMB –



IPMA Research Awards

Dr. Beverly Pasian

Join us in celebrating researchers who are advancing our profession!
Application for Young Researchers, 2014
Application for Research Award, 2014
Award applications forms are now available. Deadline for completed applications is 15 June 2014. Awards will be awarded during gala at RMB Second Research Conference in China, December, 2014.


IPMA ProjeXchange

Dr. Les Squires

IPMA Research Management Board (RMB) is offering IPMA Project Exchange (ProjeXchange), a global, high-performance network, enabling the PM profession to realize ever-increasing benefits for society at large.  The RMB provides a “trading platform” for exchanging successes, lessons learned, best networking practices — including  the sharing of project and research objectives, methodologies and results — both within and across member associations, project managers, researchers, local, regional and global special interest groups.

Next Step:  | ProjeXchange flier | Register for ProjeXchange | Add your project |


IPMA Research Conferences

Dr. re-yvonne1 is responsible for the planning of the annual IPMA Research Conferences. 
The 4th research conference is to be held in Reykjavik, Iceland in September 2016. The theme of the conference is “Sustainability in Project Management and Projects”. 



IPMA Journal (JPMR)

Dr. Beverly Pasian

Dr. Beverly Pasian presents the PMR Journal: A new Project Management Review with a focus on PM case studies — expected to have a wide appeal to the project management community, both practitioners and academics.




IPMA Code of Ethics

Dr. Helgi Thor Ingason

Dr. Helgi Thor Ingason is leading a research project with the purpose of delivering a new Ethical Code of Conduct for IPMA. A cornerstone in this project is to build a wide consensus within the IPMA world community on the contents of such an ethical code of conduct.

Download: | Practical Ethics for IPMA Professionals |

IPMA Knowledge Base

Dr. Les Squires

IPMA Knowledge Base — a collection of 10+ years  of first-rate presentations from IPMA World Congresses. Over 3000 files of vetted information. In addition to content specifically focused on principles of project management, you are being welcomed to a new set of tools for Finding, Saving, Sharing, Taking Action, Publishing, and Helping.




IPMA Standards

Mr. Michael Young

Development of the IPMA Standards Roadmap 2020

Provides research and development support for a range of IPMA initiatives, including:
CB4, the next release of the Individual Competence Baseline;
OCB, the Organisational Competence Baseline;
PEB, the IPMA Project Excellence Baseline; and
Liaison to ISO Technical Committee 258 and provision of research and development support for emerging ISO standards in project, programme and portfolio management.


IPMA Family Social Network

Dr. Les Squires

IPMA Family is migrating from Ning to Linkedin. 

Effective 1 July, 2014 http://ipmacod.ning.com will be taken offline and deleted.
Members of the Ning site are encouraged to join the new IPMA Family with its 14,679+ members on IPMA – International Project Management Association.