Festival of Knowledge

IPMA Festivals of Knowledge bring stakeholders together to brainstorm hot topics, capture and publish latest outputs of knowledge. Similar to World Congresses, but held locally and on demand, throughout the year. Audiences: Local researchers. Locations not likely to hold World Congresses. Localities which focus on particular interests, such as collaboration in the automobile industry  Benefits: Frequent and local focus on topics of great interest. Local presenters collaborate at local meetings.

IPMA FOCUS is one of the new IPMA Festival of Knowledge technologies, how to promote development and exchange of new knowledge and its dissemination and transfer to the hands of potential users. It is a research, dissemination, collaborative and networking event. IPMA FOCUS is part of a cluster of events under the common Festival of Knowledge umbrella. Each event has a different mission and covers a different market segment.

Detroit Michigan, USA — PM in Automotive Industry — September 2011

The organizers of each IPMA FOCUS event target a specific problem or challenge which is in the focus of PM researchers and developers interest.  Regional research experts, supporting organizations and institutes organize IPMA FOCUS with support of IPMA RMB, as collaborative event.  The main purpose of this event is to present different research results from that area and through information exchange creates new experiences, initiatives or ideas.

Such events create a value for researchers and developers only. How to create additional value for potential users from different industries or public administration?  The answer lies in organization of different additional events which should cover other market segments. These events need to be organized on collaborative way with the local industry and other relevant stakeholders.

FOCUS Initiatives

  • RMB maintains an open call for IPMA FOCUS initiatives. Please join our next IPMA Festival of Knowledge.
  • Guidelines and agreements required for organizing an IPMA Festival of Knowledge·


Past and Coming Festival of Knowledge/IPMA FOCUS Events

2009 Festivals of Knowledge

  • Celje, Slovenia, September 2009.  Concept testing and investigation of new business models.

2010 Festivals of Knowledge

  • Cape Town, March 2010. Review of current development in project an portfolio management.

2011 Festivals of Knowledge

  • Xi’an China, June 2011. Cultural exchange examining cultural differences in measuring progress on PM projects, in particularly focused on methods utilized in China.
  • Detroit Michigan, September 2011 — PM in the Automotive Industry.  Automotive industry stands on the one hand for profound project management expertise, and for dynamic change, in both their business model and technology strategy. Today, the automotive industry is a huge and complex conglomerate of many industries including IT, marketing, branding, environment and energy considerations, including the electric grid.  Will the business world of 2025 require a dramatic shift in the field of Project Management to ensure business success? Will PM2025 be influenced significantly by other fields of business, like Neurobiology, social science … ?

2012 Festivals of Knowledge

  • South Africa — “Organisational Performance Management” (March 2012)
  • Poland — “Effective Research Management – Important competence with organizations  involved in research projects”, Cracow, 23-24. November 2012
  • Slovenia — “Knowledge Market & New Business Models”, Ljubljana  (11-12 October 2012)