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Global Project Excellence Award Assessors

The PE Award Assessors are the heart of the IPMA Global Project Excellence Award assessment process. For each project that applies for the award, a dedicated team of qualified international assessors is formed that assesses the project in accordance with the IPMA Project Excellence Model®. The assessors are all experienced professionals working in project management environments. They represent IPMA during the assessment process and are good ambassadors for the Project Excellence Awards.

Requirements for PE Award Assessors

In order to be eligible to become a PE Award Assessor, you should:

  • Complete the three-day assessment training successfully and receive a positive recommendation from the trainers (an active assessor needs to participate at least once every three years in this training or participate in as PE Assessment webinar). Check a calendar for coming trainings.
  • Work as a professional in a project management environment
  • Be at least 30 years old
  • Have at least 5 years relevant experience as a project or programme manager or have at least 7 years of relevant experience as a project management consultant
  • Be a team player
  • Be flexible and open to new ways and procedures
  • Be sensitive to cultural diversity
  • Be reliable and diligent in carrying out all duties for all steps in the award process
  • Act in accordance with the Assessors Code of Conduct.

Benefits for PE Award Assessors

Benefits of becoming a PE Award Assessor:

  • Understand and be able to apply the IPMA Project Excellence Model
  • Gain practical experience in the application of the IPMA Project Excellence Model
  • Learn how to objectively assess a project team
  • Learn from peers and their international project management experiences
  • Become part of an international network of project management professionals
  • Receive recognition as a Project Excellence professional

These benefits are not only useful for your professional development, but also for your company and customers.

Appointment of PE Award Assessors

The IPMA Awards Coordinator, IPMA Vice President and IPMA Awards PMO yearly compose the assessment teams for each Award application from the pool of qualified assessors. They do this by taking into account various selection criteria ensuring a well-balanced mix of qualified people with different backgrounds and experiences representing various countries. Before announcing the assessment teams, the Awards PMO contacts the nominated assessors and ask them to confirm that they are available for the whole duration of the Assessment process. The Award Assessors then have to inform the Awards PMO that their local IPMA Member Association of which they are a member, supports their nomination. The number of qualified assessors that can be appointed to an assessment team depends on the number of award applications.

Principles for the appointment of PE Award Assessors

To qualify for the pool of potential assessors, you need to take a three-day PE Assessment training, pass the exam and receive a positive recommendation from the trainers.
Active assessors are required to attend a three-day training course every five years. In addition, they should participate in an annual PE Award webinar to update their knowledge.
Those assessors who are not involved in an assessment in a specific year, must take part in a four-hour webinar to become eligible to join the pool of potential assessors again.
Assessors who have a break of one year or more, are obliged to attend a three-day training course again, pass the exam and receive a positive recommendation from the trainers, in order to join the pool of potential assessors.

PE Award Assessor Duties

The PE Award Assessor is responsible to carry our several activities in the PE Award process. An indication of the activities and time necessary is:

  • Preparing for the PE Assessment training: 2-3 days (you need to do the homework in order to be able to be able to participate in the group discussions and working sessions)
  • PE Assessment Training: 3 days –
  • Individual assessment: 2-3 days
  • Team Virtual Meeting with the assessment team, including design of Judges Report 1: 0,5 day
  • Site visit: 3 to 4 days plus travel time (normally 0,5 day preparation, 2-3 days Site Visit and 1 day wrap-up, including the compilation of Judges Report 2 and the Feedback Report)
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