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Global Project Excellence Award Process for Large and Mega – Sized Projects categories

A Global Project Excellence Award assessment consists of several steps involving an applicant organisation, a dedicated and qualified international assessment team and team of judges.

  • The applicant writes an Application Report that is submitted and assessed by a team of qualified assessors. Based on the Application Report, the assessors carry out an assessment individually on the basis of the IPMA Project Excellence Model® as well as together as team and write up a first report for the judges.
  • A Site Visit takes place in which the assessment team gathers additional information. Interviews with important stakeholders and a study of relevant documents are carried out and the assessment team prepares the second report for the judges.
  • An international team of judges consisting of experienced project managers from the private and public sector, past winners and sponsors, analyses the assessment teams intermediate and final results and decides which applicants qualify as Finalist. In a second meeting, the team of judges decides which Finalists are awarded a Bronze, Silver and Gold award in each award category. The winners are announced at an Awards Gala event.
  • All applicant organisations receive a Feedback Report from the assessment team containing a description of the decision taken by the team of judges and description of the strengths and areas for improvement for each of the IPMA Project Excellence Model criteria.

Global Project Excellence Award Process for Small/Medium – Sized Projects categories

Please also read the Submission Guidelines which describe in details the application and assessment process:

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