IPMA International Project Management Association

Starting a Young Crew in Morocco with IPMA TAP- Training Aid Programme in Marrakech and Casablanca!

An important part for the development younger IPMA member associations is mentoring. As indicated in the IPMA programme structure 2020 derived from the IPMA 2020 strategy, mentoring can take the form of supporting the management of an association to create a Young Crew. Having a Young Crew is a condition to become a full member of IPMA.

In the context of the IPMA TAP-Training Aid Programme, Moroccan Project Management Association organised two conferences with workshops in the afternoon in Marrakech and Casablanca with the support of IPMA. 130 young Moroccan students (2nd year and PhD students) and executives from various sectors teamed up in Marrakech to solve business cases and prove their project management talent.

The objective of the workshop chaired by IPMA President (former Vice-President Young Crew) Jesus Martinez-Almela and IPMA Executive Director Amin Saidoun was to explain the set of IPMA Young Crew activities and related products. These workshops will help MPMA to be sustainable and to better prepare for the future.

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