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First Training Aid Programme of IPMA in Sousse. The Importance of Project Management in Tunisia

After initial contacts between IPMA an the universities of Sousse, Kairaouan and Karthage (Tunis) in early 2017, it appeared that the Tunesian university of Sousse is most interested in project management with the vision of creating a Tunesian Association for Project Management in 2018. In this context and after a starting of the recovery of the Tunesian economy which remains heavily dependent on Tourism, the first Training Aid Programme of IPMA took place on 29.04.2018 in Sousse.

The event was the opportunity to discus with the participants the Tunisian context and to highlight how project management could play a role following the political reforms undergone over recent years. The rather small but dynamic group of attendees (30) were mainly academics (professors, PhD students) came from the university of Tunis, Sousse and Monastir. The meeting was also attended by a professor from Iraq and executive from Algeria.

The context of political and economic revival of Tunisia, a country of 12 million inhabitants the attendees raised many questions and the fruitful exchange was an opportunity to identify the potential board members of the association.

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