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This is Africa! 2nd Pan-African Project Management Conference – Yaoundé, Cameroon

402 delegates attended the 2nd Pan-African Project Management Conference which took place from 23. to 25.05.2018 in Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon. Having the Ministry of Economy, Planning, and Development as a strategic partner of the conference showed the growing importance of project management in Cameroon, which counts 24 million inhabitants, and which aims at becoming an emerging economy by 2035.

After the success of the first Pan African Project Management Conference in 2017, the second edition in 2018 focused on the successful preparation of bankable projects in Africa.  The objective of the conference was to better understand how projects could best be prepared in order to receive adequate financial means which remain a scarce resource in Cameroon.

The conference was a great opportunity to meet a network of project managers in Cameroon interested in the creation of a project management association. This will hopefully be created either in Douala (the economic capital) or Yaoundé (the political capital) according to the association law of 1990 and then make the next move: apply to join IPMA.

The President of the conference Mr. Babissakana thanked 18 international experts for the 39 sponsors strategic partners, the 11 media partners (TV, newspapers, and social media), the exhibitors and the 402 delegates who attended the 14 plenaries in three days.

IPMA supported the conference both with its network if international speakers, its advert in the conference catalog and the promise to do so also in the 2019 conference that will soon start to be prepared.

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