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4th national conference on Project Management in Algeria – “Project Management as economic Leverage in a Context of Crisis”

April 28th, 2018 – Algerian Project Management Association (APMA) organised in Algiers its 4th national conference. This year the topic “Project Management as a leverage to overcome economic crises” attracted over 150 attendees from the private and academic sector, including companies from France, Spain, Portugal and South Korea.

This event was supported by IPMA in the context of the Training Aid Programme and was also the occasion to start the Algerian certification body with the support of Laurens de Bever from the Swiss Association of Project Management as international certification advisor. Both national and international speakers were invited to the event.

The conference ended with an interesting debate and exchange with the audience and was facilitated by APMA executive Director Mohammed Benbraika, attracting new members from the private sector to APMA.

Following the success of this event, another conference on project management to be organised by APMA in November 2018 is already under preparation.

You can read more about the conference in our blog post HERE