Individual Membership

Individual Membership Opportunities

Joining your IPMA Member Association First, use the links at the left to find if there is a Member Association in your country. Membership in a National Member Association includes indirect membership in IPMA. Join a Nearby Member Association If there is no Member Association (MA) yet in your country, please join a MA in a nation near you, or a MA that speaks your language. See the Member Associations lists at left for your options. In this way you have the added benefit of participating in the international networking of The IPMA Family. Once you decide  which member association you would like to join, you can either contact them directly and put IPMA general secretariat in copy of your mail or ask us to send them a request for membership ([email protected]). We look forward having you as a new member of one of our member associations. Please note that member benefits may differ per Member Association, based on local preferences, but as mentioned above, all members of an IPMA Member Association are also indirect members of IPMA.