About Membership

Moving Nations Forward

IPMA is an international umbrella organization, or federation of more than 60 national project management associations from all over the World. Our council of IPMA Member Associations (MAs) is the ultimate governing body of IPMA, with IPMA serving as a gathering-point for nations. MAs are the prime contacts for all those interested in effective project and programme management, in your country.

This audience includes professional project managers, managers and executives, key project stakeholders, educators, trainers, consultants, and other product or service providers. Your benefit? More successful projects, programmes, and business initiatives, based on the competences that IPMA uniquely emphasizes and supports.

IPMA Member Associations promote project and programme management, certify a range of practitioner roles, celebrate Project Excellence with our Awards programme, and provide information about industry trends. Representing our discipline from a wide variety of application areas, our Member Associations play a crucial role in the development of our profession.

Individual Memberships are for those in nations that do no yet have an IPMA Member Association (MA). You can either join a nearby Member Association or begin your own IPMA MA. When your nation starts an IPMA MA, you retain your membership in IPMA by joining that group. Individuals can also join an existing, but distant MA that speaks your language.

Corporate Memberships are available in many IPMA nations. If yours does not yet have them, you can join a nearby existing Member Association, or join IPMA directly as a Corporate Member. IPMA-direct Corporate Members receive discounts on IPMA Events. And, many Member Associations offer additional benefits, including participation in advisory panels.

Honorary Fellows: Successful not-for-profit organisations’ achievements depend on dedicated volunteers, and even more, on the achievements of those who have come before us. IPMA honors these people, many of whom helped form the foundation of Project and Program Management throughout the World. Please join us in celebrating our IPMA Honorary Fellows.

Are you interested in starting a Member Association in your country? See the Member Associations link at the left, with more information about that possibility. Our Secretariat may be able to connect you with others in your nation