On 18-Dec 2017, Our member of family IranPMA is celebrating her 7th Project Management Festival together with Gala Dinner celebrating their national PE award.

This Festival starts at 3:30 PM starting with two workshops discussing new IPMA PEB standard and the 4-L-C Certification program to target the audience for the next year PE application and those interested for new certification on individuals, consultants and organizational program.

The Ceremony will start on 6:00 PM with a short lecture of IranPMA president. Municipality of Tehran as one of sponsors, will support the ceremony with the keynote speech of mayor of Tehran.

The ceremony is supported by five major sponsors. Other streams of the program contains:

  • Celebrating Seniors a Pioneers in the field of project management (Academic, Governmental and Private sectors)
  • Celebrating National Research Award (Academic researches / Industrial researches)
  • Last Year Top Score Certificate holders (4-L-C)
  • National Project Excellence Award

The ceremony come to end with Gala dinner at 11:00PM.

Following are some memories from previous Gala ceremonies:

2nd Gala Ceremony (2012):

3rd Gala Ceremony (2013):

4th Gala Ceremony (2014):

5th Gala Ceremony (2015):

6th Gala Ceremony (2016):