IPMA Supports International PM Day, 6 Nov.

IPMA Member Associations, such as asapm, IPMA-USA, were among the earliest supporters of International Project Management Day, going back to 2004. And, we continue to support this noteworthy, and free, full-day virtual event. From its start, the event has been an initiative of speaker, trainer and author Frank Saladis. When he involved IIL, the international pm training firm, the event’s enrollments soared!

We encourage you to consider participating in this year’s even, planned for November 6, 2014. For a look at the event, and to register, see the IPMDay website. Scan the right-hand column of featured speakers, and you can see that this universal event is well worth your time.

The keynotes are live, with q&a afterwards, and most of the other sessions are pre-recorded—just to handle the huge volume of participants. The keynotes begin at 10AM US Eastern Standard Time (6PM CET in much of Europe). Each keynote has a duration of an hour. They continue at Noon, 2PM and 4PM. Between keynotes are the stream sessions; you cannot yet see timing of the stream sessions on the schedule, but they will be available soon. The Speakers tab contains a list of all the sessions, with their high points. We encourage you to register now, because this event will have massive attendance.

Last year, IIL started naming this event IPMD, for International Project Management Day. Although the name is similar, the name has no relationship to IPMA, the International Project Management Association. IPMA does, however support the concept. We must admit that we have teased a bit, that … the member nations of IPMA, who support 365+ days per year of International Project Management competence, excellence, performance and results, are pleased to help highlight and celebrate one special day. Bravo IPMDay!