IPMA International Project Management Association

Managing projects often means dealing with ever-increasing complexity and volatility. Project managers and their teams are required to give their best to achieve the desired outcomes for stakeholders, organisations or society. Are these achievements recognised enough? In IPMA Awards they are!

Global society is increasingly dependent on projects. Managing these projects successfully has become a trade that requires the right competences at the right time.

IPMA is proud to celebrate these outstanding project management achievements. Dare to compete on a global scale? Enter the awards!


  • Young Project Manager of the Year
  • Project Manager of the Year
  • Agile Leader of the Year
  • Small/Medium-sized Projects
  • Large-sized Projects
  • Mega-sized Projects
  • IPMA Young Researcher Award
  • IPMA Research Award
  • IPMA Research Achievement Award
Description The annual IPMA Individual Awards recognise individuals who can prove outstanding project management competence, regardless of scale or the number of projects completed. Project Excellence Award recognises projects as examples of excellent project management. Projects compete within similar categories and are assessed individually based on an Application Report and Site Visit (in Large and Mega- sized projects categories). Applicants receive a detailed Feedback Report which indicates strengths and potential areas of improvement in accordance with the IPMA Project Excellence Model. Research Award recognises individuals and research contributing to the development of the project management field. Researchers may come from disciplines other than project management but must contribute to the development of project or programme management.
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